360 Degree Tool

This tool allows you to collect perceptions about the coachee’s behavior and the impact of that behavior from the person’s boss or bosses, direct reports, colleagues, fellow members of project teams, internal and external customers, and suppliers. By including colleague feedback, insight can be gained into how the coachee behaves in team situations; as teamwork becomes increasingly important for achieving organizational objectives, this information becomes key.

A 360-degree feedback process can be used to gather information on an individual’s proficiency at performing a task; degree of mastery, knowledge on a specific subject or discipline and a pattern of characteristics or ways of responding to the external environment.

The 360 Degree Feedback tool is divided into three different tools each including their own competencies for Self Leadership, Team Leadership and Organizational Leadership respectively. The Coach should use the Tool that is best suited for the Coachee’s circumstances. The tool should be sent to the relevant people in the Coachee’s systems that can help give the required