Coaching Culture

Your guide to the world of corporate coaching

Your leaders have the potential and the answers to achieve their own goals and are responsible for their own growth and growth of their teams.

Coaching Culture

Coaching stands apart from mentoring, training and counseling.

Coachs can use a range of skills and action plans to support your leaders and employees in shifting perspectives, gaining new learnings and discovering different approaches to achieve their goals.

Coaching Culture

Your coaching journey at uExcelerate

The journey of coaching on the uExcelerate platform involves a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires coachees to maximize their personal and professional potential within their system.
Keeping that in mind, through our rigorous research process, we have created the UEXCEL Coaching model that will allow your coach to use their tried and trusted tools, techniques and methods while also providing a systemic coaching structure to guide your coaching sessions.
By using this model, not only will you be able search for answers deep within yourself, but you will also be able to measure your milestones, understand how to navigate your systems such as your work system, family system and friends system, keep track of your progress and see the stages coming ahead- thus motivating you to strive for progress and ultimately allowing you to unleash your true potential and excel in your field

Coaching Culture

Enhancing mindsets, actions and results.

Wield coaching to unlock your organization’s fullest potential


Develop a culture where every leader finds their own unique solutions to their problems and ultimately develops a coaching mindset to help their teams overcome hurdles and enhance performance.


Enable your leaders to take action on the skills they need so that they learn and implement new skills super fast! Leverage action plans to reach goals and develop new skills faster.


Measure the results of your leaders’ newly acquired skills and how they are weidling them in their day to day activities. Understand the ROI of your coaching programs through our state of the art Coaching ROI calculator.