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Platform Features

User and Role Management

Centralized user management with well-defined roles & privileges. Admin can onboard different users roles – like Coach, Coachee, Program Manager having different access privileges, who are the stakeholders of the program.

Program Management

A program is grouping of learning engagements between a set of coaches and coachees for achieving common learning objectives. Usually a theme is associated with a program, and all the learning engagements that are within a program support that theme. For e.g. First time manager program, Campus to corporate program, etc.

Coach Match

Coach matching of coaches with coachees is considered an essential factor in the ultimate success of the coaching relationship. Our Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) system works on different factors, for e.g. skills, experience, personality, etc. to provide suitable recommendation results to the coachee for selecting a coach of his/her choice. Recommends top 3 ideal coach options One-to-one discovery session to understand style and chemistry with the coach

Coaching Dashboard

The coaching dashboard is designed to help different users to quickly access all their account’s related important data and information from the system easily. Users can access their statistics, activity and quick links easily. Few important information are;  Recent login activity Account statistics like number of sessions, active, completed, etc.  Upcoming events, activities Development progress updates

Flexible Grouping

Platform allows the administrator to create different blended coaching engagements. Depending on the organization requirements, the administrator can create one to one coaching, team coaching or group coaching engagements. One to one coaching  Team coaching Group coaching Blended coaching
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