Designing future-ready agile talent management strategies for the Automobile sector: Executive Webinar Summary – uExcelerate

Designing future-ready agile talent management strategies for the Automobile sector: Executive Webinar Summary

Round Table Webinar

Designing Future-Ready Agile Talent Management Strategies for Automobile Industry.

Session Recording: Designing Future Ready Agile Talent Management Strategies with Automobile Sector


  • Sunil Sarad: Head of Learning and Development at Sandhar Technologies Ltd.
  • Urvashi Singh Thakur: Country HR Head at Inteva Products
  • Mussarat Hussain: Head – Leadership & Functional School at Maruti Suzuki India Limited
  • Pravesh Kumar: Head Human Resources at Minda Corporation Ltd (Mechatronics Division).



In our conversations with organizations, we have realized that Talent management has become the ultimate priority for leaders.

It has become necessary to continuously evolve talent in strategies to develop a strong talent pipeline with changing business environments in all industries. 

But developing and retaining talent has become more critical than ever due to the technology, business model, and consumer-preference disruptions affecting the automotive industry. These challenges will be particularly stark for automotive companies, OEMs, and suppliers, and how they respond to these challenges will play a large role in determining their success in the coming years.

That is why Talent Agility is critical for an organizations’ development, growth, and sustainability.

In addition, the new era of digitization in the Talent Management world has given Agile Strategies for Talent Development and Management a new meaning. For many organizations, surviving and thriving in today’s environment depends on making a fundamental transformation to become more agile. 

To better understand how this unprecedented change will affect automotive companies and their approach to talent, we partnered with experts from the automobile sector to gain perspective on best practices for talent management in the automotive industry.  


Panelists will discuss and share their views on the importance of continuous development and nurturing of talent to support business continuity using the right tools and agile process of managing the talent. Panelists will highlight the challenges faced and the positive impact of implementing Agile talent management strategies in their organization

Webinar summary

“Agility is the ability to adapt to an unpredictable situation”. 

There are a lot of changes impacting the auto industry which require an adaptive approach to manage these ambiguous situations successfully. Hence, agility is the immediate priority for automotive organizations. Having an agile strategy is about how quickly an organization is adapting to the ever-changing environment.  Individuals from any industry must have the ability to make a decision in the fastest possible time and revisit the decisions if they are not acting in their favor. 

Agility is required as the world is changing and moving at a fast pace. The auto industry is facing the biggest disruption globally. Especially in the Indian context, the market is very complex, causing major auto players to exit. It is a situation of the survival of the fittest.

Many megatrends like climate change, environmental degradation, and rapid urbanization have impacted the auto industry. Organizations must also understand and adjust to these megatrends, as well as other demographic trends, such as a rising middle class in India, and high consumer awareness in today’s world to thrive in the future.

“Innovative, fast, and flexible companies will make or break it, especially in the Indian market”.

During the global pandemic, the organization had to change their approach swiftly. There was a tremendous amount of anxiety among people regarding different work situations, and resilience was one factor that kept individuals going. Resilience is one of the vital parts of agility that helps individuals face and bounce back into action during uncertainty. Auto industries, OEMs, and suppliers organized talks, training, and seminars to support their employees to deal with stressful situations and mental health issues.

Automotive organizations designed their policies to create a productive and hybrid workforce by looking at outcomes and results rather than processes. 

“In the future of work- the work, worker and workplace are going to change”.

With the rapidly changing environment, even the competencies required for leaders are changing. Competencies are primarily behaviors or skills that are observable, measurable, and coachable. 

Some essential competencies which have appeared during recent times Includes-

  1.  Resilience and empathy are a few competencies that are a must in today’s leader. 
  2. Digital dexterity is another competency that is crucial as it will drive agility and innovation in the future. 
  3. Connected Leadership is a competency that has emerged in recent times. Leaders are required to be accessible for their team and organization even when they are not physically present. Connected Leadership is a forward-looking competency that every industry needs to adopt.
  4. A frugal mindset is also significant in today’s world. It discusses how to work in constraining enviornments and be innovative—being able to do more with less.

Companies also leverage new digital tools and technology to support their agile transformation and create a better employee experience. For example, automotive companies built tools for virtual recruitment, onboarding, and ensured that the adequate software is available for every employee to work effectively. In addition, the business has created online recognition tools for every level in the organization to keep employees motivated and engaged. Tools are also designed to take care of inquiries or concerns faced by employees working remotely or virtually. These initiatives have given employees a sense of support and built trust during a volatile situation.

Organizations have been using coaching to adopt agile or agile talent management effectively. A coach can aid individuals with cognitive flexibility and mindset change. They can support them in thinking more openly about options and possibilities to achieve specific goals and agendas and enable individuals to have an open mindset towards change. An agile culture shift can help people and organizations continue to flourish in the ever-changing world of work. 

uExcelerate as a Digital Coaching Platform

uExcelerate can help you seamlessly integrate a coaching culture within your organization. Whether you want to develop your coaches internally or hire them externally, uExcelerate can aid you in that process. 

uExcelerate is a SaaS platform enabling organizations to scale coaching and build sustainable coaching cultures to foster personalized talent development for their employees.

 The platform offers holistic, customized solutions to suit requirements for modern organizations in two ways:

The Coaching Marketplace: For your external coaching requirements, our platform connects organizations to a pool of experienced & certified external Coaches from our curated marketplace that enables employees to achieve their personalized transformation, leading towards tangible organizational goals. 

So if you or the people in your organization are hesitant to welcome internal coaches, you can use our marketplace of 150 coaches to understand how the coaching journey will work for you and your organization.

  • All the coaches on the platform are experienced, certified and specialised in their fields of knowledge.
  •  All the coaches are certified from reputed organisations, with a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience in their field of work and at least 500 coaching hours under their belt. 
  • The coaches are selected to ensure that they can help you with all your problems and help you grow into a better version of yourself. 
  • The AI enabled platform helps you choose the coach that fits your needs best. With the help of your right fit coach you can grow into the best version of yourself that will excel at work and in life. 

The Coaching Platform: For your internal coaching requirements, our platform enables organizations to run their own on-demand e-coaching end-to-end engagements by onboarding their Manager or Leaders as Coaches and team members as Coachees, thereby building a coaching culture within the organization. It allows you to grow and scale up the coaching practice to all levels of your organization and helps you build coaching capabilities within the organization. Not only that, but we can also help you build your internal coaching capabilities with ease. 

 The platform functionality includes:

  • Cloud Based AI Coaching Platform: Helps you create your own on-demand e-coaching engagements. Designed to manage your employee coaching lifecycle and allowing easy integration of a coaching culture in your organization. 
  • Democratize Coaching: uExcelerate democratizes coaching by offering multiple types of coaching options such as one-on-one coaching, team coaching and group coaching.
  • Intuitive Features: Easy Set up; Multiple Program Management; On-board Internal Coaches and employee; Session Planning & Scheduling; Integrated live video sessions; Action Planning & Goal Setting Scalable and location agnostic, Data analytics and Reports
  • The Coach Marketplace: uExcelerate provides access to a curated coach marketplace with over a hundred coaches from around the world for you to choose from. All the coaches on the platform are experienced, certified and specialized in their fields of knowledge.

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