Client Study

Empowering Leaders for Operational Excellence at one of the top banks at UAE

Problem Statement: To fill up the leadership consistency gaps, by upskilling their mid-level managers across various functional areas and create a positive workspace culture to drive sustainable growth and success.

The Outcome: The Leadership Development Program implemented by our client through uExcelearte resulted in significant outcomes. These included the identification and development of high-potential professionals, bridging leadership competency gaps, fostering a growth mindset, achieving operational excellence, and cultivating a positive workspace culture.

Key Takeaways:

Mashreq Bank implemented a comprehensive Leadership Development Program designed to upskill mid-level managers across various management areas. The program encompassed coaching sessions, action planning, and continuous tracking of impact to ensure sustained success.

Client’s Leadership Development Program enhanced operational efficiency and leadership skills among mid-level managers. Collaborating with six coaches, the program engaged over 80 participants from various functions. A leadership gap diagnostic identified critical improvement areas, while goal setting and action planning fostered accountability and engagement. The program adapted during the pandemic by utilizing a digital platform. Mashreq Bank aimed to drive operational excellence, foster a growth mindset, and cultivate a positive work culture.

The approach involved determining growth areas, assessing competency gaps, and aligning them with coachee aspirations. Monthly coaching and action planning sessions were conducted to drive impact and collective accountability towards goals. Rigorous tracking of actions and behaviors ensured continuous improvement and measurable outcomes.