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What is a Right Fit Coach?

uExcelerate ensures that you are assigned a coach that fits your needs best to ensure that you get the best value out of our services. The platform comes inbuilt with an artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm that gives you recommendations based on your preferences.

How does the coach matching process work?

Coach matching of coaches with coachees is considered an essential factor in the ultimate success of the coaching relationship. Our Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) system works on different factors, for e.g. skills, experience, personality, etc. to provide suitable recommendation results to the coachee for selecting a coach of his/her choice. The system recommends the top 3 ideal coach options. Coachee needs to select one of the three coach suggestions and then set up a discovery session.

What is a Discovery Session?

A Discovery session is a powerful way to help match both you and your coach for a more efficient working relationship. It helps you gain a better understanding of the coach to ensure they have the skillset and services required to help you achieve your goals.



What are the steps in coaching?

Each coach brings their own style to the coaching sessions. Whether they help you gain deeper insight into yourself or help you achieve new goals, each coach strives to ensure that you learn and grow and become the best version of yourself. Every coach ensures that they provide a safe space for you to open up without feeling judged or criticized, allowing you to dig deep inside yourself to see how you can change and grow.

How does uExcelerate work?

uExcelerate is a cloud based, AI enabled platform. It is a one stop coaching management tool. It is designed to manage your client/employee coaching lifecycle for easy adoption of coaching culture by a coach and your organization. The platform helps you establish and run your customized internal coaching program end to end for effective coaching engagement for your clients/employees. It allows you to manage internal, external coaches, or a combination of both. With uExcelerate you can schedule appointments and manage your calendar. It allows you to customize your sessions for your clients/employees. The platform provides you with dashboard goal progress tracking and allows you to take notes and share feedback. Once you set up your profile, the algorithm will help find the best coaches suited for you, you can have a discovery session with them and choose the one that fits you best. You can then create a customized personal development plan with the help of the selected coach.  You can self-assess goal progress and measure behavioral transformation through our scientifically proven assessment tools at the end of the coaching assignment.

What certification do the coaches carry?

All the coaches on uExcelerate are certified from one of the leading coaching associations. They all have a minimum of five years of experience in their relevant industry. Each coach has done around one thousand hours of coaching with a minimum of 500 coaching hours under their belt.

What is coaching?

Coaching is the art of facilitating an open and candid conversation to enhance performance, learning and development, gain insight and take action towards goals which ultimately leads to fulfilment and success.

What is uExcelerate?

uExcelerate provides you with a one stop management tool, designed to manage your client/employee coaching lifecycle for easy adoption of a coaching culture by coach and the organization. uExcelerate also provides with a coaching marketplace to find your right fit coach. Overall, it helps you establish and run your customized internal coaching program end to end for effective coaching engagement for your clients/employees, manage internal, external coaches, or combination of both.

What can you expect from uExcelerate?

uExcelerate takes pride in connecting people to a coach who fits their needs best, thus fostering a harmonious relationship and successfully seeing people grow into better and stronger leaders who learn to lead their teams to greater heights. uExcelerate is always available to help if you face any problems or have any questions about the platform.

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