How to Create and Implement a Coaching Culture in your Organisation With Gillian Jones -Williams and Ro Gorell – Executive Webinar Summary – uExcelerate

How to Create and Implement a Coaching Culture in your Organisation With Gillian Jones -Williams and Ro Gorell – Executive Webinar Summary

Recording: How To Create And Implement Coaching Culture


Gillian Jones – Williams, 100 Top Female Entrepreneurs 2020; Motivational Speaker; Diversity Strategist; Women’s Development; Author; Coach

Ro Gorell, Change Expert; Team Coach; Facilitator; Author; ICAgile Coaching Agile Transitions Trainer; Leading Change


Fatima Hussain, Psychologist and Research Analyst, uExcelerate


While you may be well-informed by now about the benefits of building an internal coaching culture, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused about how to actually implement this process and culture within your organisation. 

In uExcelerate’s latest webinar we speak with two extraordinary and accomplished experts in the field of building coaching cultures – Gillian Jones-Williams and Ro Gorel; as they talk about bringing this coaching culture to life and successfully creating it in your organization. Together they have co-authored a book titled ‘How to Create a Coaching Culture.’ A book that has helped many around the world. 


In this exclusive webinar Gillian and Ro share their wealth of knowledge, experiences, practical operational tips and strategies around the practical implementation of creating a coaching culture that they have acquired with their 30 years of experience, their perspectives on the changing organization strategy in building coaching cultures during the pandemic and how digital technology can help organizations carry out this initiative smoothly. 

Key Takeaways

The misconceptions around coaching

There were many misconceptions around coaching that prompted the authors to write this book. These problems included life coaches being used in corporate coaching and executive coaching, coaching practices within organisations were being used in an inept way, there was a lack of measurement and coaching processes. There was a lack of discipline within the coaching journey and instead of using moments of failure as learning experiences, the blame culture was very prominent within organisations. 

The challenges organisations face when implementing coaching cultures

There are many reasons why coaching cultures don’t work in organisations. The biggest reason is that the organisation does not understand why they are doing it, they have not linked it to a vision and they don’t understand how it will help. It is hard to get board support and the confidence to implement the coaching culture. The top executives want to know about the Return of Investment, which is hard to measure in the coaching journey. There is a lot of cynicism around implementing the culture as well. 

Changing coaching strategies due to the pandemic

There has been a shift in how coaching is done for organisations. There is a bigger focus now on engagement, inclusivity and diversity.  People miss corridor conversations, and face to face interactions. Virtual interactions have created a void of in-person contact with teams. Technology has become even more important, the way it is leveraged to facilitate successful coaching conversations has become a talent. However, there are also some advantages of virtual coaching sessions – people go deeper into their sessions from their safe space at home than when they are in their workplace, coaching sessions are now done online allowing less time consumed for transportation and more time to invest into the session and when training other coaches, the supervisor can switch their camera off, thus allowing an organic session to take place. 

Maturity of the organisation when building coaching cultures

Organisations that are starting out should use coaching skills immediately to create a habit out of it and thus allowing them to create a great organisation from the get go. 

Older organisations need to assess their existing culture, and assess how well a coaching culture would align to the existing organisational strategy, understand the benefits of building a coaching culture and look at the data existing within the organisation to understand the culture of the organisation. There might be more resistance with older organisations to build a coaching culture and it might be a bigger struggle, as it is hard to change habits. However, it is not impossible and should still be considered. 

“All organisations, big or small, young and old should build a coaching culture in their organisation.”

Coaching for leadership teams

It is important for leaders of an organisation to have coaching experience of their own before they can integrate it across their whole organisation, otherwise they will have trouble recognising the magic of coaching. It is harder to convince leaders to try coaching because of the negative stigmas attached to it. 

“Leadership should be humble enough to acknowledge that they can learn from other people.”

Team coaching is becoming increasingly important 

Two reasons that team coaching is becoming more important:

  1. The nature of decision making is changing
  2. Teams need to get better at teaming together

Because of the pace of change, a lot more pressure is being placed on teams to make decisions for themselves they were not required to make before. Teams do not know how to bond together. Team coaching helps them understand how to work better as a team, how they can create a better process for themselves, how they can coach each other and how they can work with other teams in the organisation.  Team coaching helps systemic approaches. 

Digital Technology is important in the coaching process

Digital technology helps you keep track of the coaching process and the Return of Investment. Digital platforms that support coaching are extremely helpful because coaching tools, scheduling, video calls and reminder nudges can all be automated. This helps take away the overhead for the business and it also means that more people can access coaching. 

“Digital coaching platforms are very strong allies in the coaching process.”

The best ways to measure the return on investment 

Coaching is about impact, and it is important to make managers realize very early in the coaching process what the impact is that they require from the coaching. If one can identify the impact then it can lead to an increase or decrease in the desired behaviour, which is known as return of expectation. One should look at three questions when implementing a coaching culture:

  1. What are you expecting to increase? (If the organisation does not know then that is a red flag.) 
  2. What are you expecting to decrease?
  3. What are you expecting to maintain?

These three questions will help assess the desired behaviour prior to coaching and will also help you measure the impact of coaching on the desired behaviour after several coaching sessions to see how impactful the coaching has truly been. 

uExcelerate as a Coaching Tool

uExcelerate can help you seamlessly integrate a coaching culture within your organisation. Whether you want to develop your coaches internally or hire them externally, uExcelerate can aid you in that process. 

uExcelerate is a SaaS platform enabling organizations to  scale personalized leadership development of professionals through coaching by connecting them to the Right-Fit® Coach. It offers customized solutions to suit requirements for modern organizations in two ways:

The Coaching Marketplace: Our platform connects organizations to a pool of experienced & certified Coaches from our curated marketplace that enables their employees to  achieve their personalized transformation, leading towards  tangible organizational goals. So if you or the people in your organization are hesitant to welcome internal coaches, you can use our marketplace of 150 coaches to understand and test how the coaching journey will work for you and your organization.

All the coaches on the platform are experienced, certified and specialised in their fields of knowledge. All the coaches are certified from reputed organisations, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in their field of work and at least 500 coaching hours under their belt. The coaches are selected to ensure that they can help you with all your problems and help you grow into a better version of yourself. The AI enabled platform helps you choose the coach that fits your needs best. With the help of your right fit coach you can grow into the best version of yourself that will excel at work and in life. 

The Coaching Platform: Our platform enables organizations to run their own on-demand e-coaching end to end engagements by  onboarding their Manager or Leaders as Coaches and team members as Coachees, thereby building a coaching culture within the organization. It allows you to grow and scale up the coaching practice to all levels of your organisation and helps you build coaching capabilities within the organisation. 

 The platform provides you with:

  •  Flexible sessions: allowing you to schedule sessions on the day and time that suits you best. It is integrated with a video facility so that you can have all your zoom sessions on the platform itself. 
  • Scalable: The platform is scalable, so if you want to have coaching sessions for multiple employees at the same time, the platform allows you to do that. 
  • Data Analytics: uExcelerate provides you with data analytics so that you can measure your behavioural transformation and access your securely stored progress reports from anywhere. 
  • Customizable: The platform allows you to customise your program to ensure that you get the best out of your learning journey. 
  • Modular: uExcelerate provides you with modular plans, giving you the option of choosing the solution completely or partly, depending on your need.
  • Democratization: It also allows you the ability to democratize coaching by providing different options suiting your requirements such as one-on-one, team or group sessions.

Gillian Jones-Williams is an author & founder and Managing Director of Emerge Development Consultancy which she founded 25 years ago. Gillian’s main focus is in organisational strategy development and change initiatives and she has successfully implemented HR strategies and projects, coaching and mentoring strategies and visions for many organisations. Her understanding and application of

psychology, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming allows her to build deep rapport and achieve outstanding and lasting behavioural changes with individuals and groups. Gillian partners with many organisations to implement organisational changes and has designed and

delivered programmes of varying sizes to national organisations and independent companies. She works well in multinational cultures having facilitated events and coached executives in Paris, Milan, Hamburg, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Norway, Brussels, Madrid, Dublin, Portugal, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, USA, China and Australia. 

With 30 years experience in Organisational Change, Business Improvement, and Coaching, Ro has dedicated her career to  helping organisations lead their people through rapid and continuous change, often in challenging environments. Having delivered multiple business and people change projects globally, including business turnaround, Ro utilises her expertise and a Lean/Agile Change approach to help organisations navigate organisation-wide transformation. Ro is also a multiple published author on the topic of coaching. She has wide

experience of working in Change Management spending most of her career in the IT sector. She is an accredited trainer with IC Agile and is an active member of both the Agile and Change Management global communities. Her current area of study is Practitioner Certificate in Team Coaching. And her current writing project is Coaching Self-Organising Teams. 

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