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How To Make Your Organization Agile with Charlotte: Executive Webinar Summary

How To Make Your Organization Agile with Charlotte: Executive Webinar Summary

Session Recording: How To Make Your Organisation Agile with Charlotte Mawle

The Speaker:

  • Charlotte Mawle: The Founder and Co-Director at Change Optimised Pty Ltd, with over 25 years of experience as a change management expert.

The Host


In the age of rapid technological and social change, many sectors are approaching a tipping point because of which companies must become agile to compete and survive. In our conversation with many organizations, we realized that embracing organizational agility can lead to tremendous benefits such as employee and customer satisfaction, an increase in employee productivity, and financial benefits. Moreover, Agile organizations respond quickly to dynamic business conditions and this ability to respond quickly gives organizations a distinct advantage.

Agile organizations thrive in an unpredictable and rapidly changing environment. Yet, agile organizations are both stable and dynamic. They have tried and tested practices that can fluidly adapt and adjust to market changes, innovative technology, customer feedback, and government regulations. They embrace uncertainty and ambiguity with higher confidence. As a result, such organizations are going to be far more equipped for the future.


In this session, Charlotte Mawle has discussed and shared her views on the importance of agile along with agile coaching and tells you about the key enablers to a successful agile transformation allowing you to go beyond future uncertainties. 

Webinar summary

Agile transformation is “being, becoming or changing character or condition to one of agility”. 

The idea of “agile” thinking has spread far away from IT. It is not just about product development and manufacturing nowadays.

Organizations are realizing the significant benefits of agility at scale to survive and thrive in this volatile, uncertain, and complex world. Many organizations have taken agile far from just IT and used it to develop a culture of respect, trust, learning, and autonomy for their people.

Traditional working models of command and control are not relevant in today’s world. Consequently, working within the business hierarchy slows the decision-making process, which impacts the survival of companies. Instead, business and technology require organizations to manage change and make decisions more quickly than ever before. As a result, considerable research shows agile companies have outperformed others in adapting to the changing world. 

“Doing nothing is not an option.

Doing nothing is not standing still. 

It is going backward, fast”.

The pandemic has vastly intensified the need to adapt and make decisions quickly. Apart from that, the business models are changing rapidly due to automation, digitization, and globalization. These developments and environmental changes are driving new and unique practices. People are working in hybrid working conditions (having a mixture of work from home, work from anywhere and work from an office with colleagues). These business changes are accelerated due to the unpredictable and volatile external environment. The World Economic Forum has emphasized that organizations doing nothing is no longer an option for any company. Society and the world are facing multiple challenges, and doing nothing is not standing still, but it’s going backward very fast.

Many organizations that have shown agility and innovation to adapt to a volatile environment outperformed those that failed to do so. Ola India is one of the examples that understood the markets and environment needs and adapted to them quickly. As a result, they could ramp up quickly and make a spot in a relatively stable market. 

Organizations need to keep moving, reimagining, reinventing, and innovating. They can only do it through speed by enabling agility to continue.

An agile transformation fundamentally changes the way work is done. 

Agile is a massive and time-consuming transformation as it looks at structure, people, processes, elements of technology, and the organization’s strategy. The challenge is in identifying the aspect which needs to be tackled first to start the implementation. There is no one model which can fit all. Implementation depends on the organization’s context, market, and customers. It is a complex process as you need to focus on improving things and keeping the business running.  

Business agility has the most significant organizational benefits. In addition, agility can create employee satisfaction by providing flexible working options, a considerate environment, and recognition while working. Furthermore, transparency and fair communication practices in an agile organization lead to high productivity and adaptability.

There is a fluid-structure in an agile organization as they are continuously evolving. The role of leadership also changes in an agile organization. Individuals see managers as coaches, and teams are more self-organized as it allows them to respond more quickly.

 However, individuals need to be very clear around the vision and direction of the organization; otherwise, it can lead to a misaligned team, and it can turn into chaos.

 The organizational structure changes with agile transformation, and it can cause a lot of uncertainty, lack of security around an individual’s job role and their position, and it can create resistance to change. 

Your organization must look at the reason behind the resistance and work effectively to overcome it.

Organizations can also involve agile coaching when they start their agile journey. There is a greater focus on agile coaching at the enterprise level. Agile coaching at an enterprise level involves more than just working with IT Teams. It consists of a more comprehensive skill set and competencies as they work across the organization. An agile coach can aid individuals with cognitive flexibility and mindset change. They can support them in thinking more openly about options and possibilities to achieve complete transformation.

uExcelerate as a Digital Coaching Platform

uExcelerate can help you seamlessly integrate a coaching culture within your organization. Whether you want to develop your coaches internally or hire them externally, uExcelerate can aid you in that process. 

uExcelerate is a SaaS platform enabling organizations to scale coaching and build sustainable coaching cultures to foster personalized talent development for their employees.

 The platform offers holistic, customized solutions to suit requirements for modern organizations in two ways:

The Coaching Marketplace: For your external coaching requirements, our platform connects organizations to a pool of experienced & certified external Coaches from our curated marketplace that enables employees to achieve their personalized transformation, leading towards tangible organizational goals. 

So if you or the people in your organization are hesitant to welcome internal coaches, you can use our marketplace of 150 coaches to understand how the coaching journey will work for you and your organization.

  • All the coaches on the platform are experienced, certified, and specialized in their fields of knowledge.
  •  All the coaches are certified from reputed organizations, with a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience in their field of work and at least 500 coaching hours under their belt. 
  • The coaches are selected to ensure that they can help you with all your problems and help you grow into a better version of yourself. 
  • The AI-enabled platform helps you choose the coach that fits your needs best. With the help of your right fit coach, you can grow into the best version of yourself that will excel at work and in life. 

The Coaching Platform: For your internal coaching requirements, our platform enables organizations to run their own on-demand e-coaching end-to-end engagements by onboarding their Manager or Leaders as Coaches and team members as Coachees, thereby building a coaching culture within the organization. It allows you to grow and scale up the coaching practice to all levels of your organization and helps you build coaching capabilities within the organization. Not only that, we can also help you build your internal coaching capabilities with ease. 

 The platform functionality includes:

  • Cloud-Based AI Coaching Platform: Helps you create your own on-demand e-coaching engagements. Designed to manage your employee coaching lifecycle and allowing easy integration of a coaching culture in your organization. 
  • Democratize Coaching: uExcelerate democratizes coaching by offering multiple types of coaching options such as one-on-one coaching, team coaching and group coaching.
  • Intuitive Features: Easy Set up; Multiple Program Management; On-board Internal Coaches and employee; Session Planning & Scheduling; Integrated live video sessions; Action Planning & Goal Setting Scalable and location agnostic, Data analytics and Reports
  • The Coach Marketplace: uExcelerate provides access to a curated coach marketplace with over a hundred coaches from around the world for you to choose from. All the coaches on the platform are experienced, certified and specialized in their fields of knowledge.

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