How to Create an Impactful Individual Development Plan

In order to create an effective IDP, the employee must sit with his Manager for a 1:1 conversation to help gain clarity on the developmental goals and action plans they need to work on. This should be a collaborative and constructive conversation for both sides.

Understanding and alignment of coachees, and coaches on defined values and processes. Internal coach trainings & feedback system in place to improve coach skills.

Identifying the individual’s long term goals and short term goals along with their key strengths will help the individual gain clarity on their developmental goals and help identify the goals they want to prioritize immediately.

Presence of a method to align outcome to objectives, calculate relevant metrics and share it to further enhance the value of coaching Celebrate.
Organization defines the purpose of coaching from individual benefits to strategic alignment.

In order to help individuals develop effective IDPs, managers need to develop a mindset that allows them to converse with their employees in a helpful way. This means that their conversations should be focused on helping employees discover the best in themselves and striving to attain the best in their work.

Long Term Goals:

To get promoted to sales managerial position.

Short term Goals:

To successfully close 5 sales by the end of the month.

List of Strengths:

  •         Good communication skills
  •         Good time management abilities
  •         Strong people skills
  •         Enjoys working in a team

Development Focus Area Goal Action Steps Resources Required Measure of Success Target Date
Improve Closing Skills Successfully close sales with clients and bring in revenue for the company.
  1. Sit with manager every week to learn closing skills
  2. Draft effective follow-up email templates 
  3. Identify the reasons for sales failure in each client call
  1. Manager’s assistance and feedback 
  2. Support of sales team
  3. Authority to lead sales calls
Revenue generated through obtained sales End of Quarter
Build Negotiation Skills Negotiate with clients to try demo and understand the product. – Negotiate prices to suit both parties.
  1. Take course on negotiation skills 
  2. Attend sales skills training
  1. Fees for courses
  2. Manager’s support
1. Number of closed deals related to tricky/stubborn clients End of the month