Asia's Largest Real Estate Agency

A Leadership Journey

Embark on the remarkable success story of Asia's largest real estate agency as they navigate an inspiring leadership journey. Witness their strategic vision, innovative approaches, and transformative leadership that have propelled them to unprecedented heights in the dynamic real estate landscape. From navigating market challenges to fostering a culture of excellence, explore how their commitment to leadership excellence has shaped them into an industry trailblazer, setting new standards for success in the real estate realm.

Key Highlights:

4 customized workshops were designed to align seamlessly with the client's unique leadership framework.

Successfully conducted multiple workshops, engaging a total of 25 participants per workshop.

Highly interactive workshop sessions were crafted to encourage collaboration and active participant engagement.

The entire program was spread over a year, ensuring an extended period for continuous growth and development.

Competencies Addressed


Think Again - How to reason and argue


Critical thinking skills

Growth mindset

Strategic thinking and risk management

Decision Making / Risk Taking

Presentation skills


  • Leadership Competencies Identification:
    The approach began with a thorough identification of specific leadership competencies that directly aligned with the overarching objectives of the organization. This strategic alignment ensured that the coaching program would be tailored to address key areas crucial for organizational success.
  • Open-Invite Nomination:
    To foster inclusivity and engagement, an open-invite nomination email was circulated among employees. This approach encouraged individuals across various departments and hierarchical levels to express their interest and actively participate in the coaching program, creating a diverse and dynamic cohort.
  • Detailed Workshop Information:
    Once employees registered their interest, detailed information about the upcoming workshops was provided. This step aimed at transparency, ensuring participants were well-informed about the content, structure, and expected outcomes of the coaching sessions.
  • Interactive Coaching Workshops:
    The heart of the program comprised interactive workshops, skillfully facilitated by dedicated coaches. These sessions were designed to be dynamic and engaging, featuring two 90-minute segments. The interactive nature of the workshops aimed at providing a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to apply leadership principles directly to their roles.


This comprehensive approach not only pinpointed and addressed the desired competencies but also cultivated an inclusive and well-informed participation process. Consequently, it significantly impacted participants' reasoning skills, critical thinking, strategic thinking, and risk management capabilities, while concurrently enhancing their presentation skills.

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