Understand your organization's coaching culture maturity level

Appraise assesses the maturity of your coaching processes and practices, get actionable insights, and build a strong coaching culture to drive performance and sustainable competitive advantage for your organization

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APPRAISE - coaching culture maturity assessment

Measure the maturity of organization’s coaching practices.

uExcelerate uses the Coaching Culture Maturity Model to help you analyze the maturity of your current coaching practices, processes and systems and helps you advance to higher levels of maturity through actionable insights, thus helping you create a culture that fosters leadership development.

Evolving through the 7Cs

Each level defines a baseline requirement and actions to go to the next level.

Documented systems define key aspects like accessibility, coach selection, coach-coachee match, tools, technology and roles empowerment
Understanding and alignment of coachees, and coaches on defined values and processes. Internal coach trainings & feedback system in place to improve coach skills.
Presence of an active community of coaches, coachees, managers, leaders, process owners and cheerleaders who engage to share and improve.
Presence of a method to align outcome to objectives, calculate relevant metrics and share it to further enhance the value of coaching Celebrate.
Organization defines the purpose of coaching from individual benefits to strategic alignment.
Process owners and Leaders understand fears, dilemmas, opinions & address them to create a safe environment
Appreciation platforms and methods in practice and process to celebrate wins and cheer efforts.

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Coaching Culture Maturity Circle (CCC)

Organizations that invest in the leadership development of their employees are more profitable, more innovative, and more likely to be market share leaders over their competitors.


Identify the strengths and gaps of your organizations existing coaching practices and get actionable insights to strengthen the coaching culture based on our 7C model.


Coaching culture maturity assessment


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