Empower your employees to choose their Right-fit® coach.

Streamline your coach search process with Discover. In three simple steps, our AI-powered algorithm ensures the most appropriate coach match for your employees, saving time and providing a tailored coaching experience for effective and personalized development.


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Find your Right-fit® coach

uExcelerate’s ever growing coach marketplace consists of highly experienced, specialized and certified coaches from around the world. Our applied coaching science and leadership lab has worked extensively to build a reliable and validated algorithm that ensures the most compatible matches between coaches and coachees to ensure a successful coaching journey for both.


Curated Coach Marketplace

We have a curated marketplace of coaches who are all certified and screened across 4 levels before inducting them into our system.

AI powered coach coachee

AI powered coach coachee match

We use AI algorithm for matching coach and coachee and it is done through standard evaluation systems, free from biases affecting humans.

Flexible Engagement Models

Flexible engagement models

Coaching is a free-flowing subject and does not have a curriculum. Even then we have made frameworks pertaining to different requirements, these frameworks are flexible and highly customized to need the specific need of Organizations.

Reports Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Our platform ensures session wise reporting with attendance, scheduling and rescheduling, feedback from both Coach and Coachee and all other analytics required for an effective session.

Coaching Engagement Models

Find the type of coaching that suits you best ​

Explore the diverse coaching models at uExcelerate to find the one that best suits your specific needs. We offer various coaching models tailored to different contexts and requirements:

One-on-one Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is a personalized process where our professional coaches assist your leaders in overcoming challenges by developing the essential skills required for their roles.

Group Coaching

To enable and tackle situational challenges, to propel personal and professional development, thus creating a smooth functioning organisation.

Team Coaching

Team coaching allows leaders to enhance the performance of his or her team and ensure success by establishing their team vision, strategy and relationship with one another.

Blended Coaching

A combination of one-on-one and team/group coaching which allows democratisation of the coaching process, enabling greater numbers of employees to have access to a coach.

How it Works

Setup your account

On-board your employees on the platform and allow users to set up their personal information in a few minutes

Take an assessment

Choose or customize competency-based assessments from a wide range of coaching tools available in the library.

Choose your coach

AI-powered coach matching algorithm to empowers your employees to select their Right-fit® coach

Start the coaching

Schedule your coaching session based on your convenience. Set goals, actions, and periodic feedback during your coaching journey.

Measure ROI

Measure behavioral transformation through our scientifically proven assessment at different stages of the coaching engagements.

Coaching Specialities

Find the type of coaching that suits you best

Life coach is an individual who actively works on personal wellness and collaborates with individuals to identify.

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a coach and a coachee aimed at enhancing the client's leadership or management performance and development.

Business coaching is a professional service where coaches assist individuals in taking a business from its current state to the desired future, whether it involves scaling a personal venture or managing an internal project.

Leadership coaching involves assigning coaches to individuals who have recently assumed new leadership roles. The goal is to support these new leaders in their onboarding process and facilitate a successful transition into their leadership positions.

Life coaching is a collaborative process where a life coach, an individual dedicated to personal wellness, actively works with clients to identify and achieve their goals.

Performance coaching involves coaches assisting employees at all levels in gaining a better understanding of their job requirements and the competencies needed to fulfill those requirements.

Career coaching is a process that empowers professionals by providing guidance to make informed decisions about their career progression. It emphasizes achieving results, taking actionable steps, and holding the client accountable for their career development.

Skill development coaching involves coaches assisting individuals who may feel stuck in a particular role due to issues like low self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs, and fear. The coach works to address these challenges, helping the individual overcome barriers and develop the necessary skills for professional growth.

Entrepreneur coaching is designed for individuals who are dedicated to building a thriving and successful business.


Identify the strengths and gaps of your organizations existing coaching practices and get actionable insights to strengthen the coaching culture based on our 7C model.

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We consider coaching to be a superpower and seek out coaches that share our enthusiasm and motivation for people development.