Powering Progress

Empowering leaders of India's biggest digital-first cosmetics company to develop more leaders using coaching

Discover the success story of India's top digital-first cosmetics company as they use the uExcelerate platform to boost leadership skills through dynamic coaching. Delve into a case study filled with insights, revealing how this company not only made its leaders more efficient but also transformed team dynamics. Imagine leaders conducting impactful coaching conversations, unlocking new potential in their teams. Witness the positive impact of cross-functional coaching on employee engagement, leading to improved overall team performance. Join us in exploring this fascinating case study where leadership development meets innovation, creating success in every coaching conversation.

Key Highlights:

The program engaged 20 Functional Heads and Senior VPs from the organization, all eager to acquire coaching skills.

As a crucial part of the initiative, the 20 Functional Heads demonstrated success by coaching a group of 40 junior, cross-functional colleagues.

Each Functional Head, now acting as a coach, was responsible for guiding and mentoring two junior colleagues.

The program was overseen by two lead coaches from uExcelerate, ensuring that Functional Heads remained on track and had support in addressing challenges throughout the coaching journey.


  • An 8-hour, in-person workshop was conducted to provide the organization's functional heads with the necessary coaching skills to mentor their junior colleagues.
  • The SAGE Model was employed, seamlessly integrating coaching and mentoring elements essential for effective coaching conversations.
  • Each Functional Head took on the role of a coach and was assigned two cross-functional junior coachees, maintaining a two-level gap between them.
  • Successful coaching conversations were conducted by Functional Heads, guiding their coachees in creating individual development plans, goals, and actions for their developmental journeys.
  • Periodic check-ins with uExcelerate's lead assessors were implemented to ensure Functional Heads remained on track and to address any challenges that arose during the coaching process.


  • The organization achieved a significant milestone by successfully equipping its leaders with essential coaching skills, enabling them to conduct impactful coaching conversations with their junior colleagues.
  • The program yielded tangible results, manifesting in enhanced leadership efficiency, improved leadership skills, heightened team engagement, and elevated team performance.
  • The remarkable success of this initiative has prompted the organization to expand its reach further. Leveraging the uExcelerate platform, they plan to scale the program to a new batch of leaders and employees across the entire organization, ensuring a continued investment in leadership development and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.