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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching

A Practical Guide

Develop a culture of inclusion and coach a diverse workforce to enable all employees to flourish using this practical guide.


Coaching People through Organizational Change

Practical Tools to Support Employees through Business Transformation

Develop a culture of inclusion and coach a diverse workforce to enable all employees to flourish using this practical guide.

Systemic Coaching and Constellations

The Principles, Practices and Application for Individuals, Teams and Groups

Understand and apply the principles of systemic coaching and constellations to enhance your coaching practice with the latest edition of this popular guide.

How to Create a Coaching Culture

A Practical Introduction

Develop an effective coaching culture with this essential guide from the HR Fundamentals series that empowers your workforce to achieve higher performance and deliver better business results.

Building and Sustaining a Coaching Culture

A Practical Introduction

Develop an environment that effectively supports learning and growth in your organisation with this complete guide.

The Coaching Handbook

The Coaching Handbook

An Action Kit for Trainers and Managers

Coaching has become the most popular technique in the world of training and a key tool in staff development. This Coaching Handbook provides all the tools for harnessing this technique, offering a step-by-step approach, case studies and 20 detailed practical exercises.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance

Get the best from your clients with the latest thinking from international experts on the most effective techniques for coaching

Building Top-Performing Teams

Building Top-Performing Teams

A Practical Guide to Team Coaching to Improve Collaboration and Drive Organizational Success

Achieve greater business growth using this practical guide to develop your team into a high performing collection rather than a group of disparate individuals.

Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership Team Coaching in Practice

Case Studies on Creating Highly Effective Teams

Develop high-performing transformational leadership teams within any organization by learning from best practice case studies from around the world.

Leadership Coaching in Organizations

Strength-Based Leadership Coaching in Organizations

An Evidence-Based Guide to Positive Leadership Development

Adopt positive organizational psychology approaches that focus on the best skills of your people to get results.