Transforming Organizational

Culture Through Systemic Coaching

A leader serves as the lynchpin of organizational culture, guiding the team towards desired outcomes through vision and skill. Systemic coaching integrates and aligns business objectives, leaders and teams, fostering the development of skills essential for alignment and collective success. This coaching approach emphasizes taking a systemic view of the opportunity to enable and empower the team through gaining clarity of purpose and alignment. to achieve common goals collaboratively.

Key Highlights:

A team of 13 coaches collaborated closely with the firm's leaders.

Engaging 20 leaders across various functions in the coaching sessions.

Crafting individual development plans for each participant to define their goals.

Implementing 360-degree feedback assessments to align goals with organizational competencies.

An 8-month developmental journey for each participant, ensuring a thorough transformation.

Competencies Addressed


Leadership Skills



Team Building

Team Building

Decision Making / Risk Taking

Decision Making | Risk Taking

Business Success

Business Success


  • Hogan assessments conducted, followed by a debrief to provide insights into participants' personality traits.
  • 360 Degree Feedback assessments rolled out to participants' respective stakeholders.
  • Goal setting and action planning implemented to bring clarity to participants' developmental journey.
  • Participants connected with their managers to discuss mid-point status.
  • Closure reports at the end of the coaching journey served as reflective tools for coaches and participants.


  • The coaching journey yielded significant results, aligning seamlessly with the firm's Competency Framework. 
  • This alignment translated into tangible impacts on business outcomes, showcasing a notable shift in both performance and capability. Notably, there was a marked improvement in leadership skills among participants, reflecting the effectiveness of the coaching program. 

Additionally, the process provided participants with a newfound clarity on their goals, offering a clear roadmap for achieving individual and collective success within the organization.