The Challenge we are solving

Creating a dynamic work culture

Growth of an Organization depends on how fast employees adapt to the environment, understand the ideologies and products, and eventually prove productive. In a high paced environment, dynamic and robust sales are required to meet up with the growth vision of an organization. We live in a BANI world and in order to keep pace with the various functions, the environment and work culture we create should also be dynamic and informative with growth opportunities.

A culture of high performance and high growth can foster a level of motivation for others to work in that environment. Creating a high-performance culture means building engaged, outcome-oriented teams that focus on learning and performance. The post pandemic world has shown the importance of high performance with laser focus work.

Our coaches at uExcelerate help employees at all level to better understand the requirements of their job, the competencies needed to fulfil their roles, any gaps in their current performance and opportunities to improve performance. Our coaches then work with the employees, their bosses and teammates to help the coachees enhance their performance; thus, creating a high performing culture in your organization.

Include group coaching and one on one

Our PACE product:

Brings the power of coaching to frontend teams creating high impact for the organization. We enable your Sales leaders and Sales teams to become aware of their potential, understand what more they can do to up their game and become high achievers.

Goal setting methodology which can help teams set measurable goals. Employee engagement during goal setting helps them to achieve ambitious goals. uExcelerate has partnered with Huminous to provide tailored, on-demand services that helps Companies to set OKR. (OKR coaching to help org set SMART goals)

At an individual level, coaching leads to increased employee confidence, professional growth, job satisfaction, goal attainment, and psychological wellbeing and on the business side we experience improved retention, employee engagement, and revenue, among other benefits.

We offer one-on-one Executive coaching for Founders and Co-Founders. We also do Systemic coaching assignments with Founders/ Investors, supporting them to execute their top strategic initiatives with their core team. Through systemic coaching individual goals are aligned with organizational goals to co-create agreed outcomes.

This will include a few group coaching sessions to define the initiatives, goals, and success criteria, followed by one-on-one coaching to ensure execution and alignment at the leadership level. Also, interdependencies among departments, maintaining relationship with clients and aligning the vision of the company with all the employees are an essential part of coaching for startups.


“We express immense satisfaction with Uexcelerate's outstanding services throughout our HiPot journey. The caliber of their coaches and advanced portal features have significantly contributed to our team's development. Their expertise and effective communication empower team members, navigating the complexities with confidence. Uexcelerate's dedication and professionalism reflect high standards. The user-friendly interface and innovative features streamline our learning experience, enhancing the impact of our journey. Kudos to Amit, Sita, and Ritu for surpassing expectations. We wholeheartedly endorse Uexcelerate for exceptional coaching and advanced solutions, anticipating continued success in our partnership.”

Alankar Das
Manager – Training and Development Arohan Financial Services Limited

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.’ In 2023, we partnered with uExcelerate to ensure a constant flow of inspiration, guidance and mutual development where employees, in mentee as well as mentor roles, thrive to become better versions of themselves which in the long run creates more leaders for the organization. Our first batch was a bunch of talented people and their mentors (senior cross functional leadership) who went through an insightful journey of over 9 months to work on their personal/ professional development area and we concluded the program with stories of experiences, exploration and learnings.”

Rewa Singh
Head - L&D, Talent, OD & Performance at Honasa Consumer Ltd.

“We developed a great partnership with uExcelerate for the development of our staff. The Coaching sessions they have held with a set of known and experienced coaches has been a great learning experience for them. It has helped them look back and introspect about their careers at St. Judes and also reflect individually as a person. We appreciate their dedication, attention to detail, and creative approach to bringing in great exposure for our team.”

Arsala Sayad
Head HR, St Jude India Childcare Centres

"uExcelerate provides a structured approach for aspirations in life and career. I approached them when I wanted to accelerate myself in life and my career. After a few assessments, they assigned me a Gallup-certified coach. The coach helped me in multiple ways to utilize my skills and experiences in the best possible ways. It cleared the clutter in my mind including my limiting beliefs. Now I am placed in the world's no.1 pharma organization, which is helping the world to come out of the pandemic. I am now living my life happily. I recommend everyone to take their space and invest in themselves.”

Atchut Kumar
Pharmaceutical Professional

"When we have relegated our homes in 2020, with nowhere to go, Like many other professionals were confused about what to do? How spend our free time? One institution Excelero e came to my rescue. 11 not only provided me with an opportunity to learn from acclaimed coaches for free but also to choose one! hem as my mentor. Excelente already has a wide array of coaches to help you based on your requirement, and a wonderful platform to schedule sessions and track your progress. All the best o uExcelera e for the new year and revamped platform. Keep up the good work in 2021.”

Manidip Ganguly
Manager, CSSI