Client Study

Advisory and consulting firm (Big Four) - Driving Leadership Excellence through Coaching

The Problem: To establish a systemized process for coaching, to give a standardized visibility to stakeholders on the impact of coaching and to establish ROI.

The Outcome: A focused coaching program was introduced to elevate the leadership skills of the client’s partners and showcase the return on investment in their development efforts, fostering achievement and a competitive edge.

The solution:

Key Takeaways:

  • Targeted coaching programs enhanced leadership skills and addressed specific development needs.
  • Demonstrating ROI showcased the tangible value of development initiatives.
  • Empowered leaders drove sustainable growth and maintained a competitive edge.
  • Customized approach ensured maximum effectiveness and relevance.
  • Partnership with uExcelerate as a trusted coaching provider.
  • Measurable outcomes contributed to professional growth and organizational success.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement through assessing future learning needs and collecting feedback.

uExcelerate offers one-to-one coaching services to cater to the unique needs of the client’s leaders. This approach ensures individualized attention and focused development in line with the organization’s leadership framework.

The Coaching for Excellence Program catered to 20 participants from the client’s team. Over the course of 8 months, these leaders engaged in a series of coaching sessions to develop their chosen competencies and achieve their performance goals.

The coaching program followed a well-defined process to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with individual needs. It began with a nomination process to identify leaders interested in personal development. Coaches were then carefully selected based on their expertise and ability to meet the unique requirements of each leader. A discovery session was conducted to gain insights into the leaders’ specific development needs and aspirations. Afterward, the most suitable coach was assigned to each leader, and individual assessments were conducted to identify areas for improvement and set personalized goals. Throughout the program, a customized 360-degree feedback process collected input from stakeholders identified by the coachee. Regular coaching sessions were held to address developmental areas, enhance skills, and support progress towards goals.

As the coaching journey neared completion, a final session was conducted to celebrate achievements and consolidate learning. Additionally, after a few months, the same set of stakeholders provided further input on the coachee’s progress using the customized 360 feedback process.