Empowering leadership at a top digital transformation corporation

with the LEAP Ahead Business Program

With the mission to elevate leadership capabilities, the LEAP Ahead Business Program redefines leadership competencies within a prominent digital transformation company. Through a strategic blend of heightened awareness and targeted practice of leadership skills, the program cultivates a forward-thinking leadership mindset, propelling a culture of innovation. Immerse yourself in a narrative that revolves around collaboration, operational excellence, and profound personal growth.

Key Highlights:

A total of 56 coachees were nominated by the organization

Group coaching sessions were conducted, with the organization forming groups that participated in six sessions over an 8-month period

Notable improvements in networking and collaboration were observed among functional leaders

The development of leadership skills remained a central focus throughout the coaching program

Competencies Addressed


Applied leadership skills based on the organization’s provided framework.


The coaching group independently chose and focused on two or three specific topics for skill development


  • The initial step in our approach involved the top digital transformation corporation adopting the coaching-driven LEAP Ahead Business Program, strategically nominating 56 coachees for targeted leadership growth
  • A team of six coaches from our marketplace oversaw the program, offering diverse expertise to cater to specific needs.
  • The organization formed coaching groups, and uExcelerate helped in creating an environment conducive to collective learning and mutual support.
  • Emphasis was placed on self-reflection, leveraging strengths, and aligning coaching objectives with personal development plans.
  • The program spanned eight months, with participants engaging in six sessions to ensure a sustained developmental experience.
  • Unique team coaching sessions held by coaches from our coach marketplace provided a space for leaders to embrace vulnerability, fostering trust and cohesion.
  • The program actively encouraged candid sharing of insights and challenges, promoting an open dialogue for meaningful progress.


The LEAP Ahead Business Program at a top digital transformation corporation employing a coaching-driven approach, transformed 56 strategically nominated coachees. Guided by a team of six diverse coaches, the program emphasized self-reflection, strengths utilization, and alignment with personal development plans. Over eight months and six sessions, participants underwent a sustained developmental journey, fostering a culture of vulnerability, trust, and cohesion. The program's encouragement of candid sharing led to meaningful progress and overall success.