About Huminos

Huminos is a comprehensive OKR software that helps your employees to achieve impactful outcomes, even if they are working remotely. With Huminos, you can create, align and track OKRs, coach team members with 1:1 conversations and feedback, measure culture and engagement with pulse surveys and insights, and reflect and calibrate performance with reviews and ratings. Huminos also integrates with several tools to automate progress tracking, data administration, scheduling, and collaboration.

Our Partnership

Partnered in 2022 Huminos works with uExcelerate to offer OKRs consulting and coaching to its clients. Huminos provides us with their OKR software and we provide our coaches to their clients for coaching. The partnership allows Huminos’ clients to receive expert advice on setting and achieving their business objectives through the use of OKRs.

One can simply reach out to huminos on their website to get coached by uExcelerate’s coaching professionals. Our award winning AI product ,DISCOVER helps you to find your right-fit coach for your requirements. Humions OKR software’s quick surveys and feedback to assess and improve your organizational culture and employee engagement, and use of evaluations and scores to review and adjust coachee’s performance makes this partnership a success