Empowering Leaders banks in the UAE for Operational Excellence

at one of the top banks in the UAE

Dive into a transformative journey designed to enhance leadership skills, drive operational efficiency, and foster a culture of excellence at one of the Leading Banks of the UAE. Discover how our approach empowers leaders to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and propel their teams toward success. Click to explore the impactful journey of operational empowerment in the dynamic landscape of banking leadership.

Key Highlights:

Collaborated with six coaches, engaging over 56 participants from diverse functions.

Conducted a workshop series with three-hour sessions per topic, split into 90-minute sessions held once a week for each cohort.

Utilized a Leadership Gap Diagnostic to identify critical shifts necessary for achieving desired results.

Ensured easy access to the coaching program during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, providing uninterrupted support.

Competencies Addressed

Goal setting and feedback


Leading by example

Team Building

Workplace etiquette

Stakeholder Management

Workplace etiquette

Affiliate Coach

Time management & planning


  • Nominated 56 participants through a strategic selection process by the organization.
  • Onboarding of participants on coaching platform
  • Identified specific growth areas and assessed competency gaps, aligning closely with coachee aspirations.
  • Designed an engaging workshop series with three-hour topics, further organized into 90-minute weekly sessions for each cohort.
  • Implemented rigorous tracking of actions and behaviors through the platform to ensure continuous improvement and measurable outcomes.


The approach yielded a successful and impactful coaching program for participants, aligning closely with individual aspirations and fostering continuous improvement.