Case Study

Empowering Growth and Building Stronger Leaders: A Leadership Development Program Case Study

Problem Statement: To enable leadership development program to upskill client’s leaders.

The Outcome: A series of workshops were conducted. These workshops provided participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

Workshops were provided to client as part of their leadership development program. These workshops aimed to enhance the leadership capabilities of participants and align with CapitaLand’s leadership framework.

The leadership development program included a total of seven workshops, each accommodating 20-25 participants. The program was designed to be conducted over the course of a year, providing an extended engagement for continuous growth and development.

Client identified specific leadership competencies aligned with their organizational objectives. A nomination email was rolled out to employees, allowing interested individuals to register for the program. Registered employees were then provided with information about the workshops. The workshops, facilitated by respective coaches, were conducted interactively and spanned three hours each.