High-Potential Leadership Development Program

Arohan Financial Services Limited

Discover how the dynamic leadership development initiative, undertaken by a reputed financial services company, for their High-Potential employees evolves using uExcelerate's platform through a well-defined and successfully managed coaching intervention.

The program was rolled out for three cohorts - CXO’s, Senior managers, and managers, each cohort following a tailored journey designed to elevate their leadership capabilities to the next level.

Key Highlights:

Program duration extends over a year for a thorough developmental journey and includes fifty high-potential individuals, spanning various roles and functions, promoting leadership development at all levels managed on the digital platform.

uExcelerate platform used to define and manage the learning journey

A series of Learning workshops, Coaching with uExcelerate coaches (one-on-one for CXO’s and group coaching for senior managers and managers) and one to one mentoring for managers and senior managers with internal leaders (mentors) for a diverse and holistic learning experience.

Cohort Breakdown

Cohort 1 (CXO)

With 6 participants, this cohort is carved out exclusively for executives holding CXO positions, given their strategic significance in shaping the overall customer experience and steering organizational direction.

Cohort 2 (Senior Manager)

A larger size of 12 participants, this cohort is dedicated to Senior Managers who play a pivotal role in translating high-level organizational strategies into actionable plans. They are crucial in ensuring the effective implementation of strategies and contributing to departmental success.

Cohort 3 (Managers)

With 32 participants, this cohort is diverse, encompassing high potential talent with the potential to move into senior leadership roles. It serves as a microcosm of the organizational workforce, highlighting the various roles and contributions from employees at different leadership roles.

Coaching Organizational Direction


  • Leadership journey across interventions is defined on the uExcelerate platform and participants are assigned to the various programs (One-to-one coaching, workshops, group coaching and mentoring) as decided by the leadership development team of the organization.
  • The administrator, program manager, coaches, mentors and coachees were onboarded smoothly on the platform. The digital coaching platform enables the stakeholders to execute the coaching plan in a structured, well-defined process. It also equips the stakeholders with in depth tools that give them insights into the interventions that the coachees are going through via reports, analytics and nudges,
  • All participants went through a psychometric assessment as well as 360 feedback to understand their development areas.
  • Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment was used for psychometric assessment.
  • 360 Degree Feedback was customized to the unique characteristics of each cohort and overarching themes within the company, before roll out. Feedback sessions were then facilitated, aiming to explore and finalize individual and shared development areas for targeted growth.
  • Tripartite conversations were conducted next, involving participants, their manager, and coaches, to ensure individual goals are aligned with broader organizational objectives, creating a cohesive developmental journey for all.
  • Learning Forums/ Workshops with each cohort participating in three sessions, focusing on cohort wise common competencies derived from Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Three competencies were selected as topics for discussion in each cohort.
  • Each Learning Forum/ workshop delves into one chosen topic or competency, incorporating various interactive elements such as group discussions, breakout room activities, role plays, audio-visual presentations, polls, and Q&A sessions. These diverse activities aimed to enhance participants' understanding of the skills required to achieve the goals outlined in their respective cohorts.
  • Coaching with uExcelerate coaches is included as part of the journey Coaching with uExcelerate coaches is included as part of the journey - In case of CXO’s the coaching is one-on-one ( 6 sessions) and for senior managers and managers, the participants have been grouped into smaller cohorts and each cohort will go through 6 group coaching sessions.
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions for all Senior managers and managers with internal leaders aim is to enable a culture of coaching and mentoring within the organization for each of these High-potential leaders.
  • A one-to-one mentoring workshop organized for the internal leaders to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to be effective mentors, setting realistic expectations, and addressing potential challenges that may arise in the mentoring process.
  • A followup 360 Degree Feedback is planned to measure the RoE ( Return on Expectations) of the program.


This is a year long program and so far, the Learning Forum for all the cohorts have been very well received with an Average of 4.8 rating on a scale of 5 from participants across all cohorts.

Cohort 1 (CXO’s) has started with one-to-one coaching sessions with uExcelerate coaches.

Cohort 2 and 3 have started with the group coaching sessions.


A series of three impactful Gallup workshops gave valuable insights to the participants to work on their Individual development plans. 50 tripartite sessions were managed through the platform to finalize Individual Development Plans (IDPs) of all the participants with 100% completion rates. The 360-degree feedback has a 80 percent completion rate. Simultaneously, mentoring sessions have commenced, as planned.

We are pleased to share that testimonial from the manager, training and development of the organization

“We express immense satisfaction with Uexcelerate's outstanding services throughout our HiPot journey. The caliber of their coaches and advanced portal features have significantly contributed to our team's development. Their expertise and effective communication empower team members, navigating the complexities with confidence. Uexcelerate's dedication and professionalism reflect high standards. The user-friendly interface and innovative features streamline our learning experience, enhancing the impact of our journey. Kudos to Amit, Sita, and Ritu for surpassing expectations. We wholeheartedly endorse Uexcelerate for exceptional coaching and advanced solutions, anticipating continued success in our partnership.”

Alankar Das
Manager – Training and Development Arohan Financial Services Limited