Symphony – Our Platform

Symphony eases the complexity to start your internal coaching engagements. With our AI-powered cloud-based unified coaching platform, you can easily build and scale a strong coaching culture.

Benefits for Admin

Benefits for Internal Coaches

Benefits for Coachee

Features of Symphony


There are three logins in dashboard:

This enables companies to get a quick glance of the activities and keep track of the sessions in progress. It also shows the sessions which are upcoming, rescheduling options, the assignments given,etc. Option to white label Symphony and put your Company’s logo to make it more customizable.
This dashboard allows the admin to: 
Measure the percentage of attendance. 
Monitor the list of ongoing and scheduled sessions and the number of 
pending sessions. 
Monitor the milestones reached by the coachees. 
 This dashboard allows the Coach to: 
Have access to schedule his sessions with the coacheeschedule, 
reschedule, etc can be done.  
Assign learning materialsassignments and monitor the progress of 
completion from here.  
Monitor the progress done by the coachee with his desired goal. 
This dashboard allows the coachee  
To choose his coaches. 
Set up the goals.  
See the task list. 
Check on his engagements. 
Keep a tab on the number of sessions completed and pending. 
Check his progress 
Schedule and reschedule his sessions according to convenience 

Calendar Integration

This is the most convenient and user friendly part of the platform. After the coach has been matched, this section helps in setting up the sessions.  

Action planning

Symphony allows to set up different 
coaching programs according to specific needs and is highly customisable.

Feedback and goal planning


Email alerts are an integral part of this platform.  

Communication modes (Video conferencing, Chat)

Report generation


ROI Measurement

Coaching is not a measurable product which can give us a concrete number. However, our research lab after exhaustive learnings and research has come up with a ROI calculator which can measure the percentage of improvement in output which can be observer in the productivity of a particular coachee after the said number of coaching sessions.


Organizations can white label Symphony and even put up their logo for customization. Their in-house coaches can use the platform as a means of better and measurable coaching sessions.


“uExcelarate provides structured approach for aspirations in life and career. I approached them when I wanted to accelerate myself in life and career. After a few assessments, they assigned me a Gallup certified coach. The coach helped me in multiple ways to utilize my skills and experiences in the best possible ways. It cleared the clutter in my mind including my limiting beliefs. Now I am placed in world’s no.1 pharma organization which is helping the world to come out of pandemic situation. I am now living my life happily. I recommend everyone to take your space and invest in yourself."
Atchut Kumar
Pharmaceutical Professional