True North for Compass

A uExcelerate Case Study with Compass Group

In the pursuit of aggressive growth, trust, and collaboration, Compass Group embarked on a transformative journey with uExcelerate's team coaching services. This case study unveils a tailored  leadership team coaching by uExcelerate that brings together the executive leadership team and the next level leaders to align vision, foster collaboration, and drive the organization towards its true north. Post the team coaching session, Compass Group has initiated ongoing leadership coaching for select leaders, solidifying the commitment to leadership excellence and organizational growth.

Key Highlights:

Team coaching catered to 20 top leaders of the organization responsible for leading the company, its people towards ambitious growth.

Coaching focused on moving the team towards common goals, building trust, and enhancing collaboration.

Competencies Addressed

Growth mindset

Growth mindset



Team Building



Vision Alignment


  • Coach Selection:
    A rigorous process within uExcelerate's Coach Marketplace led to the selection of a highly qualified coach to spearhead the team coaching initiative. Leveraging uExcelerate's extensive network of seasoned professionals, Compass Group ensured that the chosen coach possessed the expertise and experience necessary to effectively guide the organization towards its objectives.
  • Day One:
    The team coaching commenced with a targeted session for the executive leadership team, facilitated by the selected coach. This session focused on deeply aligning the leaders with Compass Group's vision and mission, building the True North for Compass India, leveraging the coach's insights and methodologies to foster clarity and commitment among participants.
  • Day Two:
    Building upon the foundation laid on the first day, the team coaching expanded to include n-2 level leaders, providing a holistic approach to leadership development. Under the guidance of the coach, participants engaged in interactive exercises and collaborative discussions aimed at cultivating trust, enhancing collaboration, and strategizing for aggressive growth.


The two-day team coaching proved instrumental in aligning leadership with the organizational vision and fostering a culture of trust and collaboration within Compass Group. As a result, ongoing leadership coaching initiatives have been launched on our leadership enablement platform  to further develop key leaders, ensuring sustained growth and excellence within the organization. We are delighted to share a testimonial from the Head of Learning and Development at Compass.