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How Business & Coaching is reshaping in 2021: Parineeta Mehra


Welcome 2021! Hail in the new and unpack some lessons from last year. The year gone by had some hard hitting lessons for us collectively. Three things that all individuals and Organizations need to keep in mind this year are:

  1. Courage – Courage to rise, courage to once again look up at the skies and move ahead knowing it’s alright to fail but what matters, is that we pick ourselves up again and use our learnings to do things differently in 2021. It’s an era, where the leader has to be facilitative in his approach of executing, leading, and guiding with compassion, care and empathy.
  2. Clarity-That says that we will figure it out, as this trajectory is still new and not fully explored in the form we are experiencing it today. Clarity in laying out the reworked strategy/vision. Clarity in letting the team figure out by failing fast, so they can learn quicker and run with what needs to be done differently with new found courage and confidence.
  3. Confidence-That comes from the leader who says-I have your back! Confidence to try out something new without fear of failure or losing job etc. Confidence that builds positivity and instils faith in the system in the midst of uncertainty and ambiguity. 

Let us understand that few things are here to stay, namely:

Work from home– Organizations are gearing up to have permanent work from home opportunities and jobs in 2021 and beyond. Work from home brings in its own challenges of space, exercising, managing time, retaining overall well being, that will need to be addressed by companies through policies and support systems.    

Business Automation and Innovation-The businesses that thrived during 2020 were those that reacted quickly to the changes. For example, restaurants expanded take-away options and manufacturing industry brought in robots to run the show. Businesses had to think about how the market is shifting and what transformations need to be brought in quickly. The year 2021 will be more about how to innovate your business model to do well and stay ahead of competition.  How well equipped are you to change with the times and think ahead.

Redefining work– The New Year will see a rise in the need to have more purpose and meaning in our jobs that will drive, motivate and sustain us. The new Gen seeks to connect with a purpose and work for a company that drives meaning. Companies that don’t have a clear or meaningful purpose will struggle to attract new talent and customers. Thinking out of the box and using appreciative inquiry and related tools will be the need.

Every company will need to rethink operations, environmental impact, and how their products and services will be used. This stems from need to sustain above the water and sail ashore successfully. Trends of a meaningful purpose will support companies to reduce their carbon and water footprint.

The need for Coaching and related services will see a rise, as new norms will require individuals to be supported, so they don’t reach decision fatigue /mental burnout. Coaching will help Organizations bond, blend and come up with different possibilities of driving business ahead.

                                                                                                                                           The writer Parineeta Mehra is an experienced executive Coach and available on uExcelerate Platform for individual/group sessions.

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