Client Study

Leading Infrastructure Company - Manager Development Program.

The Problem: To identify strategies for fostering organizational growth and enhancing team leadership effectiveness.

The Outcome: Our coaching SaaS platform offered a customized Manager Development Program to enhance client’s managerial capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful implementation of a Manager Development Program tailored to client's needs.
  • Competency-based approach aligned with specific organizational requirements.
  • Interactive workshops facilitated by eight coaches for active participant engagement.
  • Ongoing commitment to the program's continuation throughout the year.
  • Focus on assessing future learning needs for continuous improvement and growth.

Our platform facilitated impactful workshops delivered by a team of 8 skilled coaches. These workshops were meticulously designed to cater to client’s unique managerial requirements.

The Manager Development Program catered to 450 participants, divided into 7 groups of 50 individuals each. This year-long program provided a series of interactive workshop sessions, offering a comprehensive approach to skill development.

To initiate the program, the client initiated a nomination process among their employees. This process enabled the identification of enthusiastic participants who were keen on enhancing their managerial prowess. Open registration further allowed interested individuals to enroll in the program. The workshops themselves were designed to be highly interactive, with each session spanning 3 hours. These sessions were divided into two parts, with each part being 90 minutes long and a one-week gap between them. This approach facilitated optimal learning, allowing participants to reflect on their newfound knowledge and apply it in practical scenarios.