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Slide A synchronized team that works in tandem with each other can become a force to be reckoned with, especially when the team includes highly skilled members. Team coaching at uExcelerate allows team leaders to enhance the performance of his or her team, by enabling all the individuals in the team to learn to rely on one another and understand the role they play within the team to enhance performance nd ensure success by establishing their team vision, strategy and relationship with one another.
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Unlock New Levels of Team Performance

When a team works in synchrony the levels of achievement increase tenfold. Each individual brings a different set of skills and talents to the team and combined together the team becomes a powerhouse of achievement. One of the most vital components of a team is alignment. Every company aims to have a team that is aligned, coordinated and cohesive and only when you achieve that can success truly be seen. Now, with remote working gaining popularity, it is becoming harder to maintain team alignment. It becomes the team leader’s job to ensure all team members are aligned and on the same page.

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Our certified coaches at uExcelerate can help team leaders foster improved team alignment and overall team improvement by encouraging effective and transparent communication skills, facilitating peer learning and promoting knowledge sharing. They can help you set goals for the team and develop strategies to achieve them. Our coaches aim to increase camaraderie, strengthen trust and ensure that all team members share the same vision. Our coaches can help you boost motivation, encourage team engagement and participation while emphasizing the importance of accountability among team members. Our coaches help you work cohesively with team members by cultivating acceptance and inclusion of all diverse members.


Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Teams in today’s time have expanded to include an array of diverse members coming from different countries, cultures, religions, races, educational backgrounds, societies and each having their own values, beliefs, thoughts and knowledge bases. But diversity is nothing without inclusion, hence, it becomes crucial to ensure that there is a sense of belongingness within the team that fosters engagement, idea sharing and utilisation of all skill sets. Team success can only be created when team members feel included, valued, validated and do not feel judged. Team leaders play a big role in fostering inclusion of all members by breaking down barriers and fostering open communication.

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Our coaches at uExcelerate can help team leaders create a safe space that allows team members to open up about their backgrounds and experiences encouraging them to learn about their colleagues, facilitate team building activities so that everyone can stay connected, help the team understand and confront biases, assist in collaborative conflict resolution, foster team building activities and encourage diverse thinking, thus helping you cultivate a diverse and inclusive work culture within your team.


Building Motivation in Teams

Teams tend to set ambitious goals and milestones for themselves that can be hard to attain. Reaching these milestones encourages teams and motivates them to set bigger milestones. However, any setbacks can lead to frustration, demotivation, discouragement and lack of initiative from team members. That is why teams require a lot of encouragement and support to be able to achieve these milestones and keep morale high. It becomes the team leader’s job to keep spirits up and maintain vigor.

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If the team leader fails at maintaining the zest and energy within the team then the team may witness setbacks and performance may suffer but, if the team leader knows how to boost team spirit when it is down then he can lead his team to greater heights of success. The certified coaches at uExcelerate can help team leaders modify leadership styles to enhance performance and develop skills to build motivation, initiative and creativity within team members. The coaches at uExcelerate can also help define end goals, help prioritize important team goals, help create backup plans, increase awareness about certain risks, encourage team members to think for themselves and find solutions to their problems. Coaches can also provide timely feedback and help the team leader develop new perspectives thus allowing the team to reach ambitious milestones with ease.

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Customer Reviews

  • “We developed a great partnership with uExcelerate for the development of our staff. The Coaching sessions they have held with a set of known and experienced coaches has been a great learning experience for them. It has helped them look back and introspect about their careers at St. Judes and also reflect individually as a person. We appreciate their dedication, attention to detail, and creative approach to bringing in great exposure for our team.”

    Arsala Sayed
    Head HR, St Jude India Childcare Centres
  • “uExcelarate provides structured approach for aspirations in life and career. I approached them when I wanted to accelerate myself in life and career. After a few assessments, they assigned me a Gallup certified coach. The coach helped me in multiple ways to utilize my skills and experiences in the best possible ways. It cleared the clutter in my mind including my limiting beliefs. Now I am placed in world’s no.1 pharma organization which is helping the world to come out of pandemic situation. I am now living my life happily. I recommend everyone to take your space and invest in yourself.”

    Atchut Kumar
    Pharmaceutical Professional
  • “When we were relegated to our homes in 2020, with nowhere to go, I like many other professionals were confused about what to do? How to spend our free time?
    One institution uExcelerate came to my rescue. It not only provided me with an opportunity to learn from acclaimed coaches for free, but also to choose one them as my mentor.
    uExcelerate already has a wide array of coaches to help you based on your requirement, and an wonderful platform to schedule sessions and track your progress.

    All the best to uExcelerate for the new year and revamped platform. Keep up the good work in 2021.”

    Manidip Ganguly
    Manager, CSSI
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