Make your life Awesome in 2 weeks!

14 ways to make life awesome in 2 weeks

Life is a journey and if you’ve been in a comfort zone, unless you make a conscious effort to change your life, it will remain the same.

Here are 14 things you can do each day over a period of 2 weeks to make your life different and awesome. You will prepare the list from the 15th day so that you continue being awesome. These are things which will challenge you, hence, pick something you have never done before. Small things can make a big difference and you will be able to make awesome breakthroughs over a period of time.

If you liked doing something from the list, you can make it a daily/weekly habit. If you already do something from the list, simply move to the next or create a new challenge for yourself.

Day 1: Spend an hour of quality time with loved ones

Day 2: Do something you are passionate about for 30 minutes

Day 3: Read / Learn for 30 minutes

Day 4: Write down 3 of your biggest fears and think about a solution

Day 5: Sleep for 7-8 hours

Day 6: Meditate for 10-15 minutes

Day 7: Make a new friend

Day 8: Call an old friend or relative you haven’t talked to for a long time

Day 9: Write down your strengths and feel good about them

Day 10: Describe yourself in 10 words and share them with a friend

Day 11: Enjoy eating Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner without any distractions, mindfully.

Day 12: Smile a lot, it doesn’t cost anything and makes people wonder what you are up to

Day 13: If you did something wrong, take courage and apologize to the individual(s) involved

Day 14: Enjoy every moment of your day and stay conscious living every moment

This article was contributed by our coach Suneeta Lawrence.

Suneeta Lawrence is an Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation and a Learning and development Facilitator in the area of Leadership development, Career Management and Personal effectiveness with total experience of over 19 years.

Sita Ravinatula

Sita Ravinatula