Creating a culture of coaching
Fatima Hussain
February 12, 2023 BlogCoachingCoaching Culture 0 Comment

Creating a culture of coaching in an organization

What can a company achieve when everyone’s voice is equally heard and treated? For over 20 years, it has been proven that a systemic coaching culture is the best method to accomplish this. Organizational coaching culture offers a competitive edge. Such companies gain high performance, attracti...
coaching culture
Fatima Hussain
January 06, 2023 BlogCoaching Culture 0 Comment

Do You Need to Build an Internal Coaching Culture?

First, ask yourself these two questions. Do you believe that your employees have more untapped potential than their current performance levels? And if yes, what is the opportunity cost of not using it to drive your business? If you are like many of the Senior Executives we interviewed, then you must...
September 10, 2022 Coaching CultureDiversity, Equity & InclusionLatest 0 Comment

What is Gender Diversity?

Women’s career opportunities seem limitless today. Most organizations today profess to be committed to advancing women into leadership positions. However, many systemic barriers continue to hold women back, and they continue to be underrepresented in positions of power. Women continue to be disadv...