top 5 ways in which ChatGPT can be useful in making coaching effective
Anunaya Tandon
March 23, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

Top 5 ways in which ChatGPT can make coaching more effective

ChatGPT has made a profound impact, sending enormous shockwaves through various industries. Corporate Learning & Development (L&D) is one industry where it is increasingly gaining popularity. However, how effective is ChatGPT as a professional development coach? Let’s explore the advan...
Coaching for women
Fatima Hussain
March 21, 2023 BlogLatestLeadership Development 0 Comment

Coaching to nurture women to become leaders

Leadership coaching helps women enhance their performance, efficiency, and well-being. While navigating their career, most women wonder if coaching is necessary for their leadership. These women are educated, ambitious, and successful. But, despite their achievements, there are events where they th...
Women in workplace
Kanika Gupta
February 21, 2023 BlogLeadership Development 0 Comment

Top 5 leadership traits that women should adopt in 2023

We all witnessed how Women in workplaces during the year of the Pandemic were dramatically impacted. According to a study by McKinsey & Company on Women in the Workplace, two million women had thought of either taking a leave of absence or leaving the workforce altogether. Women Leaders faced so...
Digital coaching platforms in 2023
Amit Kumar
February 20, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

Popular digital coaching platforms in 2023

Whether your team wants personal growth or they crave for their professional development, digital coaching is a powerful tool to ignore. Coachees state an 80% rise in self-confidence, and business witness a 788% ROI. (Stats) Digital coaching, also known as virtual coaching, raises your company&#8217...
Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at the workplace
Sita Ravinatula
February 13, 2023 BlogDiversity, Equity & Inclusion 0 Comment

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at the Workplace

The competition for top talent is intense, and the availability of talent is scarce. Therefore, businesses need to attract and hire a diverse workforce. If businesses fail to do so, they risk missing out on top talent and the benefits that naturally follow top talent – enhanced productivity an...