Benefits of Leadership Coaching
Sita Ravinatula
January 29, 2023 BlogCoachingLeadership Development 0 Comment

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can take place at any moment in a person’s career. Professionals with lengthy and illustrious careers make up the majority of leadership coaching customers. When a leader is recently promoted to a high-level leadership role, for example, he or she may seek the help of a coa...
Leadership development plan
Amit Kumar
January 29, 2023 BlogLeadership Development 0 Comment

Creating a leadership development plan/framework

A leadership development plan is essential to learn that a company has an efficient pipeline of dedicated future leaders. The consistent advancement and success of a company are linked to the constant growth and development of its leadership. Creating a well-defined leadership development plan helps...
power of coaching
Payal Koul Mirakhur
January 16, 2023 Accelerating PerformanceCoachingDiversity, Equity & InclusionEmployee WellbeingLeadership Development 0 Comment

How coaching works as a perfect empowering tool for L&D people?

According to Sir John Whitmore, a known personality in executive coaching, the best way to describe coaching is unlocking someone’s potential to enhance their performance. It is helping them learn instead of teaching them. With learning pathways becoming self-directed, informal, and customized...
Prioritization for leaders
Kanika Gupta
January 05, 2023 BlogLeadership Development 0 Comment

Prioritization Revisited: for young leaders

Every so often, I have felt that vague sense of unease and (sometimes) guilt at the end of what felt like a totally unproductive day. Ah, I see you nodding your familiarity. It’s the ‘wasted day’ syndrome. And so, just as you may have, I too have tried my hand at ‘prioritizing’ my work, ...
Startup’s Guide to Kickstarting L&D Programs
Kanika Gupta
December 22, 2022 BlogLeadership Development 0 Comment

A Startup’s Guide to Kickstarting L&D Programs

Are you looking for ways to retain and engage your employees while also boosting their productivity?  Then L&D programs might be a good place to start. Various studies have found that today’s millennial generation of employees consider ‘Training & Development’ initiatives by an organi...
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Setting Leadership Development goals/milestones

According to Zippia, only 10% of the workforce has natural leaders, while the other 20% can be trained! Today companies are consistently making an effort to keep up with the consistently evolving workplaces, majorly because of Industry 4.0. The basic shift includes rising automation, adoption of sm...
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Leadership theories: From great man to great team theory

Leadership is a sensation that has caught the attention of people for more than 100 years. With time, different theories of leadership have come into action. Here we shall discuss the two major theories, the Great Man Theory, and the Great Team theory. So, what is the great man theory? Well, in simp...