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Leadership Development
Leadership Development
Leadership is a sensation that has caught the attention of people for more than 100 years. With time, different theories of leadership have come into action. Here we shall discuss the two major theories, the Great Man Theory, and the Great Team theory. So, what is the great man theory? Well, in simple words, leadership...
Leadership Coaching for Women
Of course, the strength of any company is its people. And companies are consistently working on not just keeping their workforce happy but offering thriving culture. They continuously re-check their people strategies and assess what they can do to make their workplace gain global recognition for its people policies. Major area organizations all over the...
Top 10 Leadership Development Tools of 2022
Great leaders are shaped; they’re not born! And, without an efficient leader, no business can function. They literally struggle to search for a rational direction. This is the emotion that fortifies the leadership development concept. Effective leadership development provides businesses with an opportunity to retain their best workforce and claim a competitive edge in the...
According to Zippia, only 10% of the workforce has natural leaders, while the other 20% can be trained! Today companies are consistently making an effort to keep up with the consistently evolving workplaces, majorly because of Industry 4.0. The basic shift includes rising automation, adoption of smart machines, use of data and new advancements to produce...
What is Leadership Development?
Leadership development is strategic planning companies use to improve employees’ leadership abilities and expertise to well-train them for effective management and leadership challenges.  The process is well-organized, thoroughly planned, long-term, and specialized to allow executives, teams, and individuals to acquire leadership skills to accomplish personal and organizational goals. What is leadership development? 48% of leaders in...
20 Inspirational Leadership Development quotes
Leadership development is key to the success of any organization. We at uExcelerate coach leaders with the skills that helps them advance their leadership journey and evolve as great leaders. With that in mind, we have gathered few quotes that came to us from leaders who have helped in differentiating good leaders from great ones....
leadership development and how coaching plays a vital role in enhancing it
Leadership development has become a major attraction for any company that wants to stand out from the crowd and become established in its niche.  Leaders should have the capacity to manage and do things. While waiting for this to happen with a trial and error formula may be tempting, futuristic companies frame leadership development in...
Individual Development Plan
With businesses constantly evolving- 18% of employees change their jobs every 1-3 years. And the figure includes 42% of millennials.  They are called the job-hopping generation, which will be 75% by 2030. So, how do companies prevent job hopping? How can they aim to improve employee retention?  While there are many methods like efficient training, providing job security, and giving a...
Leadership development Plan
A leadership development plan is essential to learn that a company has an efficient pipeline of dedicated future leaders. The consistent advancement and success of a company is linked to the constant growth and development of its leadership. Creating a well-defined leadership development plan helps shape the right steps to know and nurture the new...
Article by: CompareCamp for uExcelerate The past year saw a drastic increase in agile adoption among businesses. According to a recent survey, 52% of companies have implemented agile teams within their organization. These are cross-functional groups of individuals with varying expertise and skills wholly dedicated to a particular project. The most common areas in the...
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