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May 25, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

Unlocking the power of Emotional Intelligence as a Coach

Emotional Intelligence is an extremely essential and a mandatory skill to be owned by every human being. And the good news is that it is definitely a learnable one! The predominant four elements of Emotional Intelligence are: Since Coaches work closely with coachees and other clients to help them na...
Fatima Hussain
April 19, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

What Is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is booming, as more business owners are seeking professional guidance in achieving their goals. And with the pandemic leaving the business landscape with uncertainties, entrepreneurs are readily working with business coaches to get clarity of vision and make the right decisions.  ...
Implementing a coaching approach is beneficial for all startup founders.
Payal Koul Mirakhur
April 18, 2023 BlogCoachingLatest 0 Comment

From Idea to Success: How Coaching Can Empower Your Startup Journey

Similar to athletes, leaders face high-pressure situations every day, and coaching can help them perform at their best. Workplace coaching is a rapidly expanding field with an increasing amount of research supporting its effectiveness. By providing access to coaching services for all portfolio fou...
succession planning
Sita Ravinatula
April 04, 2023 Accelerating PerformanceBlogCoaching 0 Comment

How coaching helps with succession planning?

Succession planning can look like a long process, but it ultimately helps a company save time and money in the long run. Succession planning is a building block to offer a sound future to the company. It is a process through which companies ensure that employees are hired and developed efficiently t...
Anunaya Tandon
March 25, 2023 Coaching 0 Comment

Professional Coaching for a Layman

“Coaching helps People find their path to materialize their Dreams & Aspirations which they may have been living unconsciously”-Nida Khanam I had never assumed that someday I would become a Professional Coach who would assist people and be a part of their journey in making their dreams come ...
top 5 ways in which ChatGPT can be useful in making coaching effective
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March 23, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

Top 5 ways in which ChatGPT can make coaching more effective

ChatGPT has made a profound impact, sending enormous shockwaves through various industries. Corporate Learning & Development (L&D) is one industry where it is increasingly gaining popularity. However, how effective is ChatGPT as a professional development coach? Let’s explore the advan...
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March 21, 2023 CoachingLeadership Development 0 Comment

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching can take place at any moment in a person’s career. Professionals with  lengthy and illustrious careers make up the majority of leadership coaching customers. When a leader is recently promoted to a high-level leadership role, for example, he or she may seek the help of a c...
Digital coaching platform
Amit Kumar
March 21, 2023 BlogCoaching 0 Comment

Role of digital coaching in revolutionizing the workplaces

Every business organization wants an efficient and productive workforce. Without this, the company may start making losses or close shop. According to a Gallup report, it is noticed that old management ideal, yearly reviews and forced rankings were not working in 2021. So, what’s left for the...