Employee psychology
Kanika Gupta
November 03, 2022 BlogEmployee Wellbeing 0 Comment

Employee Psychology – A secret to enhancing employee engagement

Simply put, the more engaged employees are, the higher their productivity. An engaged team is a base for a successful company, but no or minimal attention is given to engagement. This is why 85% of employees are not engaged in a company. Employee psychology is vital in checking their behavior and ...
Kanika Gupta
October 13, 2022 Employee WellbeingLatest 0 Comment

How to leverage coaching to combat quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is a kind of employee disengagement where an employee stops offering above and beyond and offers the bare minimum needed to keep their jobs. Around 50% of the US workforce makes up quiet quitters. Quiet quitting is a new term but an old concept. It is the process when overworked or ...