Coaching for employee well-being
Fatima Hussain
May 15, 2023 BlogEmployee Wellbeing 0 Comment

How can coaching enhance employee wellbeing?

People want to feel happy and satisfied at work. If they don’t, companies face low productivity and greater turnover rates. This is why employee wellbeing is important for a company’s success.  Sadly, companies demand more from their employees to compete with their contemporaries. Such ...
power of coaching
Payal Koul Mirakhur
January 16, 2023 Accelerating PerformanceCoachingDiversity, Equity & InclusionEmployee WellbeingLeadership Development 0 Comment

How coaching works as a perfect empowering tool for L&D people?

According to Sir John Whitmore, a known personality in executive coaching, the best way to describe coaching is unlocking someone’s potential to enhance their performance. It is helping them learn instead of teaching them. With learning pathways becoming self-directed, informal, and customized...
14 ways to make life awesome in 2 weeks
Sita Ravinatula
January 05, 2023 BlogEmployee Wellbeing 0 Comment

Make your life Awesome in 2 weeks!

Life is a journey and if you’ve been in a comfort zone, unless you make a conscious effort to change your life, it will remain the same. Here are 14 things you can do each day over a period of 2 weeks to make your life different and awesome. You will prepare the list from […]...
happiness in life
Kanika Gupta
December 14, 2022 BlogCoachingEmployee Wellbeing 0 Comment

15 tips to enjoy greater happiness in life

Happiness is a choice! Yes, you have a choice to be happy regardless of your circumstances. Genuinely happy people make the choice to be happy, everyday! Yes, there are challenges in life, but learning to live through every challenge constantly, to live the life you know you deserve to live, filled ...
Employee psychology
Kanika Gupta
November 03, 2022 BlogEmployee Wellbeing 0 Comment

Employee Psychology – A secret to enhancing employee engagement

Simply put, the more engaged employees are, the higher their productivity. An engaged team is a base for a successful company, but no or minimal attention is given to engagement. This is why 85% of employees are not engaged in a company. Employee psychology is vital in checking their behavior and ...
Kanika Gupta
October 13, 2022 Employee WellbeingLatest 0 Comment

How to leverage coaching to combat quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is a kind of employee disengagement where an employee stops offering above and beyond and offers the bare minimum needed to keep their jobs. Around 50% of the US workforce makes up quiet quitters. Quiet quitting is a new term but an old concept. It is the process when overworked or ...