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10 most gender-diverse workplaces in India
Gender diversity refers to giving equality to people belonging to different genders. It is not limited to any gender identity. It helps to establish respect, equality, and diversity. It is about acknowledging and respecting the fact that a workplace can have people from all backgrounds, and they should be embraced with respect, equality, and belongingness.
Gender Diversity
A lack of gender diversity in the workplace arises from the pervasive attitudes toward women that have persisted through centuries. The challenge for businesses, their leaders, and employees is to change these attitudes.
20 hacks for HR to ensure Gender Diversity in the workplace
Progressive organisations constantly work to transform themselves into being diverse and inclusive. Planned measures and sustained efforts are key to achieving gender diversity.
Leadership Coaching for Women
Of course, the strength of any company is its people. And companies are consistently working on not just keeping their workforce happy but offering thriving culture. They continuously re-check their people strategies and assess what they can do to make their workplace gain global recognition for its people policies. Major area organizations all over the...
Types of Diversity in the workplace
As per a McKinsey survey, racially and culturally diverse workplaces outperform by 35%. Diversity in a company means adding and including a workforce from different backgrounds. An inclusive and diverse workplace is a major asset as it helps understand the abilities of every employee and the potential they hold. Appreciating the differences of every employee brings...
20 Inspirational Diversity and Inclusion Quotes
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are good for innovation, creativity, and communication. Having a diverse and inclusive workplace has numerous benefits. In addition to boosting productivity, it also brings people together and bridges cultural gaps. To help you create a bias-free workplace, our team has put together some popular Diversity and inclusion quotes. You...

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10 most gender-diverse workplaces in India
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