Systemic approaches to coaching
November 28, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Executive Summary: Webinar on systemic approaches to coaching

Speaker:  Dr. Paul Lawrence, Leadership Coach & Supervisor | Author Moderator:  Fatima Hussain, Psychologist, and Senior Research Analyst at uExcelerate Overview: In today’s unprecedented time, every coach/leader works in a complex, dynamic, and ever-changing world. All of these demand t...
Coaching Teams for leverage
Kanika Gupta
November 04, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Executive Summary for webinar on coaching teams for leverage

Speaker:  Ro Gorell, High-Performance Coach Moderator: Neha Wahi, Director – Operations & Customer Success Overview: As a leader/business professional you’re likely working with team members one on one. This is great for building individual relationships but not so great for creating collec...
Kanika Gupta
October 12, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Webinar on application of DiSC assessment in coaching

DiSC assessment, a behavioural assessment is important for businesses and other organizations to determine employees and managers leadership strengths and weaknesses. It aims to provide more self-awareness and insight, potentially improving operations and teamwork. In this webinar, the speaker will ...
Kanika Gupta
October 12, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Panel discussion on creating an inclusive culture for specially-abled people

A panel discussion with Fortune 500 leaders to understand the importance of hiring specially-abled people and the initiatives and steps to create inclusive work culture with disability sensitization measures. During the discussion, the panelist discussed how people with disabilities are looking for ...
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Women in Leadership Roles

A powerful discussion with women leaders to understand what values Women Leaders bring to the table, the impact that female leaders have on their organizations and the impact that leadership roles have on women, Insights on work-life balance, flexibility, resilience, burnout, fears, strengths, and f...