Ethics in AI & digital coaching
Anunaya Tandon
May 18, 2023 webinars 0 Comment

Executive Summary : Ethics in AI & Digital Coaching

The Speaker: Sam Issacson Coaching consultant, Author, Coach supervisor and Chair of coaching apprenticeship The Moderator: Ritu Srivastava Program manager (Operations) at uExcelerate Certified corporate soft skill trainer Overview: In a captivating webinar session that left attendees spellbound, Sa...
Coaching Culture at Standard Chartered Bank with Pranav Shirke
Kanika Gupta
December 24, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Webinar Summary – Building a Coaching Culture at Standard Chartered Bank

Guest Speaker:  Pranav Shirke, Senior Manager of Organization Development at Standard Chartered Bank; Product Owner of Change Agent Programme and Coaching; Coach; Change Catalyst; Facilitator; Management Consultant; Researcher Moderator:  Fatima Hussain, Psychologist and Research Analyst, uExceler...
Systemic approaches to coaching
November 28, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Executive Summary: Webinar on systemic approaches to coaching

Speaker:  Dr. Paul Lawrence, Leadership Coach & Supervisor | Author Moderator:  Fatima Hussain, Psychologist, and Senior Research Analyst at uExcelerate Overview: In today’s unprecedented time, every coach/leader works in a complex, dynamic, and ever-changing world. All of these demand t...
Coaching Teams for leverage
Kanika Gupta
November 04, 2022 webinars 0 Comment

Executive Summary for webinar on coaching teams for leverage

Speaker:  Ro Gorell, High-Performance Coach Moderator: Neha Wahi, Director – Operations & Customer Success Overview: As a leader/business professional you’re likely working with team members one on one. This is great for building individual relationships but not so great for creating collec...