Coaching for women
Fatima Hussain
March 21, 2023 BlogLatestLeadership Development 0 Comment

Coaching to nurture women to become leaders

Leadership coaching helps women enhance their performance, efficiency, and well-being. While navigating their career, most women wonder if coaching is necessary for their leadership. These women are educated, ambitious, and successful. But, despite their achievements, there are events where they th...
right coach-coachee match plays a significant part in coaching
Sita Ravinatula
December 30, 2022 BlogCoachingLatest 0 Comment

Importance of making a good Coach coachee match

To maximize the full potential of your company and the people working in it, you should engage people to work on their performance and contribute more to the company’s goals and missions. Better results follow when employees are clear about their roles and responsibilities, expectations, and f...
Importance of measuring the ROI of your coaching interventions
Sita Ravinatula
December 29, 2022 BlogCoachingLatest 0 Comment

Significance of assessing coaching culture ROI

You might have heard the stories of excellent executive coaching ending abruptly, sometimes without reason. Everything appears to go well. Clients are working well and progressing towards their goals, suddenly, the budget is slashed, and new leadership ends coaching. There might be many factors cont...
Empowering steps for personal transformation
Kanika Gupta
December 12, 2022 BlogCoachesCoachingLatest 3 Comments

Take empowered steps towards personal transformation

In the journey of life there will be many twists and turns, ups and downs. While it may be smooth for some, it may be a daunting journey for some. On the way, if one focuses too much on negative aspects, it will only bring about frustration and misfortune. Negative thinking and traits can hold [&hel...
Kanika Gupta
December 10, 2022 CoachingLatest 0 Comment

The value of life coaching

Overview Everyone is familiar with coaching: without outstanding sports coaching, our favorite world-class athletes would not be where they are today. Without business coaching, many CEOs, entrepreneurs, company leaders, executives, and business professionals would not succeed. However, there is ano...
Kanika Gupta
October 13, 2022 Employee WellbeingLatest 0 Comment

How to leverage coaching to combat quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is a kind of employee disengagement where an employee stops offering above and beyond and offers the bare minimum needed to keep their jobs. Around 50% of the US workforce makes up quiet quitters. Quiet quitting is a new term but an old concept. It is the process when overworked or ...
September 10, 2022 LatestLeadership Development 0 Comment

Setting Leadership Development goals/milestones

According to Zippia, only 10% of the workforce has natural leaders, while the other 20% can be trained! Today companies are consistently making an effort to keep up with the consistently evolving workplaces, majorly because of Industry 4.0. The basic shift includes rising automation, adoption of sm...
September 10, 2022 Diversity, Equity & InclusionLatest 0 Comment

Types of Diversity in 2022

As per a McKinsey survey, racially and culturally diverse workplaces outperform by 35%. Diversity in a company means adding and including a workforce from different backgrounds. An inclusive and diverse workplace is a major asset as it helps understand the abilities of every employee and the poten...
Kanika Gupta
September 10, 2022 CoachingLatest 0 Comment

Know the Difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling

Introduction Everyone needs a helping hand, no matter what their profession is. Coaches, mentors, and counselors allow people to achieve the right mindset to perform better. Coaches, mentors, counselors, and their areas of expertise are often misunderstood. Their roles are commonly mixed up. For exa...