Kanika Gupta
October 13, 2022 Employee WellbeingLatest 0 Comment

How to leverage coaching to combat quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting is a kind of employee disengagement where an employee stops offering above and beyond and offers the bare minimum needed to keep their jobs. Around 50% of the US workforce makes up quiet quitters. Quiet quitting is a new term but an old concept. It is the process when overworked or ...
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Setting Leadership Development goals/milestones

According to Zippia, only 10% of the workforce has natural leaders, while the other 20% can be trained! Today companies are consistently making an effort to keep up with the consistently evolving workplaces, majorly because of Industry 4.0. The basic shift includes rising automation, adoption of sm...
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Types of Diversity in 2022

As per a McKinsey survey, racially and culturally diverse workplaces outperform by 35%. Diversity in a company means adding and including a workforce from different backgrounds. An inclusive and diverse workplace is a major asset as it helps understand the abilities of every employee and the poten...
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What is Gender Diversity?

Women’s career opportunities seem limitless today. Most organizations today profess to be committed to advancing women into leadership positions. However, many systemic barriers continue to hold women back, and they continue to be underrepresented in positions of power. Women continue to be disadv...
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From the Great Man Theory to the Great Team Theory

Leadership is a sensation that has caught the attention of people for more than 100 years. With time, different theories of leadership have come into action. Here we shall discuss the two major theories, the Great Man Theory, and the Great Team theory. So, what is the great man theory? Well, in simp...