Popular digital coaching platforms in 2023

Digital coaching platforms in 2023

Whether your team wants personal growth or they crave for their professional development, digital coaching is a powerful tool to ignore. Coachees state an 80% rise in self-confidence, and business witness a 788% ROI. (Stats)

According to ICF, 70% of people exhibited enhanced work performance and communication skills and 86% of companies stated they successfully recouped their investment. 

The launch of coaching technology has taken it to another level. Here’s all you should know about digital coaching.

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What is digital coaching?

Digital coaching, also known as virtual coaching, combines the strengths of traditional coaching with the automation and AI capabilities of technology, resulting in a contemporary coaching approach that provides an immersive and highly efficient coaching experience.

In digital coaching, coachees are matched with qualified coaches who evaluate their growth priorities in light of the organization’s requirements to establish a learning plan and objectives. The coach chooses resources that aid the coachee’s development, delivers personalized support during one-on-one sessions, and sends automated reminders and tips to help the coachee stay focused on their learning objectives.

Digital coaching vs Traditional coaching

In the base, the objective is the same- offers development resulting in behavioral change in an individual. But, the differences go more than video calls and F2F involvement. Here are some major differences between the two:

  1. Matching: With traditional coaching programs, the coach-coachee match is done manually. In virtual coaching, AI chooses the best coach-coachee match depending on the set criteria.
  2. Learning plan: In traditional coaching, the coach has their assessment tools to assess coachee and the company and they develop the learning plan accordingly. With virtual coaching, the assessment tools are digital and standardized and they align with the development structure.
  3. Sessions: Traditional coaching take place Face-to-face while virtual coaching takes place online.
  4. Between sessions: Coaches provide assignments to coachees. In traditional coaching, they are reviewed every session. Virtual coaching includes touch points. These sessions include resources automated messages to prompt the coachee and keep them involved in the plan.
  5. Reporting: In conventional coaching, program managers spend considerable effort analyzing, tracking, and reporting on coaching progress and outcomes. Digital coaching simplifies these administrative tasks by harmonizing and standardizing procedures. This enables program administrators to concentrate more on enhancing and developing the program, rather than merely managing and tracking it.

Benefits of Digital Coaching

In the past virtual coaching was used as a backup plan, but now people have embraced it fully. Transitioning a conventional coaching to digital unleashes various benefits for the company and employees who are a part of the program.

  1. Enhanced flexibility: Digital coaching incorporates additional resources and email prompts that coachees can consume or act upon at their convenience, providing them with greater development opportunities. Moreover, virtual coaching enables organizations to match coaches and coachees irrespective of geographical location, resulting in better matches and reduced scheduling conflicts.
  2. Reduced resource burden and financial investment: In-person coaching can be costly in terms of both time and resources for organizations to implement. Virtual coaching mitigates some of the availability challenges for talented coaches and reduces ancillary costs such as entertainment or travel.
  3. Enhanced effectiveness: Flexibility and AI-based matching features allow for better matches, leading to improved outcomes. Such matches foster trust and rapport, which are the cornerstones of coaching relationships.
  4. Increased responsiveness: Virtual coaching technologies enable coaches and coachees to meet quickly and provide just-in-time coaching when needed.
  5. Frequent communication: Virtual relationships make it easier for participants to communicate informally between formal sessions. A coaching platform with communication tools can facilitate such interactions and track all participant interactions.
  6. Increased employee engagement: Investing in employees’ careers through coaching leads to higher rates of employee engagement and retention, resulting in increased productivity.
  7. Improved evaluation: Measuring the success of coaching engagements can be challenging, especially for large coaching programs. An all-in-one digital coaching platform can track individual engagement activities and results, as well as overall coaching program outcomes.
  8. Scalability: Digital coaching streamlines processes, enabling program growth for coaching firms and program administrators. Executive coaching firms can achieve time and cost savings, allowing program expansion to managers and newly appointed leaders.

Features to look for in a digital coaching platform

Expanding your coaching business online requires a platform that allows you to establish your brand, attract customers, and engage with them effectively. Here are nine essential features to look for in an online coaching platform:

White Labeling

A platform that supports white labeling allows you to remove the branding of the coaching platform and establish your own brand identity. This feature is crucial in establishing yourself as a coach and expanding your audience.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are critical for building sales funnels, communicating with customers via email, and building landing pages. A platform that integrates with marketing tools enables you to attract and transform prospects, engage current ones, and upsell and cross-sell programs and other virtual products.

Sales Options

Choose a platform that offers various promotional alternatives and sales opportunities. This feature allows you to develop landing pages, mark discounts, coupon codes, and free trials, use affiliates, sell individual courses or bundles, or sell subscriptions and affiliations. It is also important that the platform supports easy payment processing with technologies like Stripe and PayPal.

Real-time Sessions and Scheduling

Effective communication and periodic check-ins with clients are essential in coaching. Choose a platform that helps you set 1-1 or group sessions and webinars and integrates with video conferencing technologies. Note-taking during sessions is also crucial.

Community Features

Building a robust community with clients can interact drives engagement. Look for platforms that offer specifications like forums, user profiles, and a blog to enhance the coaching experience and boost virtual coaching profits.

Digital Products

Offer better than coaching sessions by creating digital products like videos, eBooks, and podcasts. A platform that allows you to create a course with a transparent learning route is ideal.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools like built-in forms with questionnaires and quizzes support self-assessment and progress observation. They also help track the progress of the client and drive them to redirect on their progress.

Mobile App

A platform that offers a mobile application with in-app notifications makes it easier to interact with clients and allows them to access their course no matter where they are.


Analytics provide insights into the progress of your coaching business and clients. Look for a platform that offers live analytics about the progress of the learner and business insights such as sales and canceled subscriptions.

Various digital coaching platforms available in the market in 2023

According to research analysts, these are some of the global online coaching platforms that show great results.


The Symphony is your ideal solution if you’re looking for an AI-powered, cloud-based unified coaching platform to help you build and scale a robust coaching culture. It eases the complications of beginning your coaching engagements with ease.

Businesses can use this platform to handle their coaching programs. It offers personalized assessment, session planning, appointment scheduling, program management, onboarding, and more.

It is one of the best executive coaching for clients and coaches because of its integration ability, ROI calculator, and available customized tools. You must set up your company’s profile and onboard users, coaches, and coachees. You can create as many programs as possible according to your requirement, one-on-one or group discussions.

Once the coaches and coachees schedule their sessions and set objectives, the journey begins. The platform further offers tools to measure behavioural transformation at different stages of engagement.

The uExcelerate coaching platform offers a structured approach for personal and professional growth aspirations. As a unified leadership development platform, uExcelerate provides systematic, scalable, and measurable business coaching solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives. It allows you to develop models and structures to create and scale your business’s coaching culture and develop exceptional leaders at all stages.

Whether you choose the one-on-one or group sessions, the platform has an AI-based coach-coachee match that helps you get unmatched coaching experience. With highly advanced models and algorithms, you will experience a coaching journey that revives you as a person at different levels.

uExcelarate helps develop a strong coaching culture across all levels of your company to offer a competitive edge. It provides leadership coaching to perform high-quality leadership roles. Other than that, it adds diversity, equity, and inclusion to your workplace, making it a safe hub for your employees.

You can further notice a growth in the performance of your employees. They excel singularly as well as a team working via team coaching.

So, if you’re looking for a perfect one-stop coaching platform for your business, go for the AI-based platform and make the most of it. The best thing is that you can use it according to your preference, it is highly flexible, customizable and simple to use.

Coach Accountable

Founded in 2021, Couch Accountable aids coaches develop an improved offer and accomplishing better client results by concentrating on things they love. They have this tagline on their website, where their goal is to ensure clients are on the right track without babysitting them.

Coach Accountable helps sell coaching sessions from social media platforms or websites. It also has appointment scheduling, payments, and more. Coach Accountable provides an account dashboard to help you monitor the involvement of the coachee. It allows you to check their progress, days left for the package, payments, and other notifications.


Satori allows you to design and implement your specific coaching curriculum. It was initially developed for yoga teachers but can now be used for coaching.

Satori helps you develop:

  • Individual coaching packages: Multiple session coaching programs involving contracts, progress tracking, intake forms, and sign-ins.
  • Customized proposals: Coaching programs personalized according to every client and customized agreements through emails, with just a few clicks.
  • Groups: Group coaching sessions and workshops to reach a broad range of coachees.

It features an administrative backend that automates several redundant jobs, such as single-touch coachee enrollment, automated following-up, and repetitive billing. Also, it keeps clients accountable with personalized questions for coaching.

Other than its administrative function, Satori misses essential features. You cannot take online courses that severely inhibit your growth when coaching work slows down.

Satori helps teams experience a zen coaching experience, but you must manage the tech stack to promote the coaching.

Coaching Loft

It is a comprehensive, cloud-based coaching platform to support coaches to enhance their coaching practice. The app is compatible with all devices and platforms.

Users can register for the session with coaches on the platform and schedule appointments. Coaches are allowed to send reminders to develop awareness about their upcoming sessions.

It offers impressive features like invoicing, a coaching dashboard, coaching logs, agreements, and an appointment calendar.


Founded in 2014, the digital platform is developed for coaching practices from single coaches to enterprise coaching organizations. The objective is to create efficiencies in purchasing and control coaching.

If you are an individual coach, the platform will help manage your workflow, monitor the client’s progress, and search for new clients. It also offers big coaching firms such as DDI and Hudson Institute of Coaching with equipment needed to run multi coaches.

This is why the platform has a complex interface, and learning its functions and operations may be difficult for some.

The dashboard offers you a view of your business and scheduled appointments, assignments, a to-do list, and billing. It also comes with a customer portal offering different access levels. Customers can book their appointment and update resources.


It is a full-fledged digital coaching platform for coaches who want to run a good business online. It exhibits talent using an expert coach landing page to render a seamless experience.

It offers simple client administration and helps coaches with all they need. It yields resources for advisors to explore their total tutoring capacity.

With an all-in-one solution, the platform makes it simpler for your coaching career to grow. It offers session management, calendar and booking, customer relationship management, and client branding.


The leading coaching provider offers holistic people development to companies on a big scale. The coaches here work to customize your experience by designing a coaching curriculum, customized to your organizational needs which renders a unique learning experience.

With over 3500 certified business coaching in 90 nations, the programs are based on advanced R&D from top researchers.

Ezra Coaching

The Ezra coaching is your one-stop solution for everything related to organizational coaching. Right from scheduling sessions, accessing resources to communicating with coaches, you can do everything with one app.

It offers innovative and fully integrated technology to be accessible in one place. Connect with the best of the best ICF-certified coaches who are multilingual and navigate today’s challenges to develop a healthier and happier organization.


Whether you are a new or experienced coach, these online platforms hold something for every coach and meet their requirements. And since you’re here, why not try Symphony for free? It is a platform to provide data-driven coaching using customized coaching tools. However, you can pick any as per your requirement and choice. The decision is all yours. So, go ahead and make your selection. Roll out your coaching program and see which platform fits best.

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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar