Press Release for Coaching Culture Circle Conference 2022

uExcelerate brings to you the ‘Coaching Culture Circle Conference & Awards 2022’. A conference for growth-minded, culture-loving professionals like you to gain new perspectives in encouraging coaching culture in organizations.

The ‘Coaching Culture Circle Conference & Awards 2022’ will be connecting like minded professionals via a finely curated selection of leader keynotes, workshops and insightful presentations. The conference aims to hear from experts with hands-on experience on why coaching is a game-changer for any organization and how organisations can ‘Build, Sustain and Excelerate’ the coaching culture. The conference also strives to celebrate the top Indian organizations that are practicing coaching culture and implementing coaching practices internally with the Coaching Culture Circle Awards. An exclusive assessment will be conducted for participating organizations and the winners will be awarded by our World Class Jury.

This conference is all about expanding your horizons, enabling you to visualize beyond the present by equipping you with the knowledge and best practices from across the globe; so that you can accelerate your organisation’s growth to new heights of success.

Table of Contents

Why are we doing it in India for the first time?

Coaching is evolving in India as a process and as a profession. Coaching culture is still in its nascent stages in many organizations where it is been imbibed, explored and has started to show great outcomes.

We at uExclerate have believed in the power of coaching and aim to implement it as a culture in every organization to scaleup individual and organizational performances.

In this VUCA world, it has become inevitable to transform, be ever-evolving, cross newer boundaries and scale taller heights, and therefore Coaching has become essential.

The Coaching Culture Circle Conference & Awards are here to provide attendees with an in-depth view of the benefits of coaching and create a platform that guides individuals and businesses in unlocking their hidden potential with the help of coaching.

With the best Thought Leaders from around the world, we will conduct thought provoking sessions, highly interactive workshops and groundbreaking panel discussions.

Date: 12th & 13th May,2022
Venue: Online – Hubilo; In-person – Hyderabad
Time: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

The themes of the Conference are;
  • BUILD: Empowering organisations to initiate and build coaching culture in their organisation that is strong, stable and foster an environment to nurture, care and strengthen the employees from within.
  • SUSTAIN: Enlightening Organisations to strengthen and uphold the integral structure of their internal coaching cultures to adapt to the VUCA world and stand the test of time.
  • EXCELERATE: A play on the word ‘accelerate’; learn how organisations can grow and develop their coaching cultures to touch the lives of employees at every level in the organisation, foster their betterment and accelerate the organisation’s growth to unparalleled heights.
Who should attend the conference?
This conference is for HR Leaders,CXOs, Business Leaders, L&D professionals, OD Experts, Change agents, thought leaders, Coach Practitioners, coach training facilitators, Coaching innovators, entrepreneurs from coaching and coaching technology catalysts.
About Coaching Culture Circle Awards 2022

The Coaching Culture Circle Awards strive to honour and recognise the top Indian Organizations with outstanding work towards building and sustaining Coaching Cultures.

With the backing of extensive research and careful consideration, we have crafted 5 Awards that will be given to 15 of the best Indian organisations based on a thorough analysis by our World Class Jury.

Speakers & Jury at the conference :
The Speakers and Jury Members gracing the conference include renowned global personalities, experts, and thought leaders from around the world.

Become a part of the biggest coaching culture event yet! If you believe your organization is making a significant contribution in transforming the workplace by implementing coaching practices and deserves recognition, then nominate your organisation now!

As a coach, you can refer an organisation with impressive coaching practices and win tickets for the conference. Click on the link to learn more:

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